September 19, 2012

Baseball Broadcaster Impressions: Rankings

When I began my Baseball Broadcaster Impressions project I didn't plan on ranking the announcers. This project was more about reviews than rankings. After demand through comments and emails though for broadcaster rankings, here are my MLB broadcaster rankings. My rankings are based on the combination of TV and radio broadcasts with a short description of why a broadcast team is ranked in their spot.

30. Arizona- I only rank Arizona last because there was a lot of moving and shaking in their TV booth. First Daron Sutton was removed and then Mark Grace left because he was arrested. So they basically get an incomplete.
29. New York Yankees- Between the rotating TV broadcasters and the awfulness of Sterling and Waldman give the Yankees this rating.
28. Chicago White Sox- Combination of homerism in the TV booth combined with boring radio announcers.
27. Cincinnati- Condescending TV and radio broadcasters are not a good combination.
26. Pittsburgh- Another case of rotating announcers is a very bad idea.
25. Cleveland- Tom Hamilton's antincs aren't enough to save a very mundane TV crew.
24. Washington- Bob Carpenter is lucky that I enjoy Washington's radio crew because without them I would have ranked Washington in the bottom three.
23. Los Angeles of Anaheim- Victor Rojas can't save a bad radio team or his surf brah partner Mark Gubicza.
22. Kansas City- Any broadcast with Rex Hudler is a bad idea.
21. Colorado- Maddening TV crew combined with a mundane radio crew. Not a good combination.
20. Florida- Mundane TV crew combined with a semi-entertaining radio crew.
19. St. Louis- A TV crew that makes you fall asleep, but one of the most entertaining radio crews you can listen to.

18. San Diego- Ranked this low despite the great Dick Enberg because of a terrible radio booth.
17. Toronto- Terrible TV crew saved by another entertaining radio crew.
16. Los Angeles Dodgers- Sorry but Scully doesn't announce enough games to save a pretty average radio booth and a terrible away game announcers.
15. Philadelphia- Another TV crew saved by a wonderful radio booth.
14. Detroit- Sue me but I enjoy Rod Allen and Dan Dickerson is a fine radio announcer.
13. Oakland- Solid radio announcers and solid performance of Glen Kuiper save old man Fosse.
12. Minnesota- The only wink link of these crews is Dan Gladden.
11. Seattle- Entertaining TV crew saves a mishmash of bad radio announcers.
10. Texas- Not ranked higher because of the absence of their TV announcer Dave Barnett.
9. Chicago Cubs- Forward thinking funny TV announcers with a great radio crew.
8. Milwaukee- Bob Uecker can save anything except Major League 2.
7. Boston- Two solid crews that are very informative and entertaining.
6. Baltimore- Would be ranked higher, but Thorne and Palmer miss too many games and the radio crew is pretty average.
5. Atlanta- Chip Caray gets saved by a wonderful radio team.
4. New York Mets- Great TV crew when all three announcers are in the booth also a solid radio crew.
3. Houston- Would be ranked higher if Milo Hamilton wasn't sucking the life out of the home radio broadcasts.
2. Tampa Bay- Funny and informative TV crew. And the radio crew is one of the most underrated booths in the game.
1. San Francisco- I know what you're going to scream, "HOMER!", but let me explain why I believe San Francisco is the best TV and radio booths in the game. First of all it's hard not to be a little entertained by Kuiper and Krukow (Yeah I know A's fans, they both suck. Now go back to your corner.) They might not be the best at breaking down the game or even sabermetrically savvy, but they will entertain you night in and night out. Add to the fact Jon Miller is one of the great radio announcers around along with Dave Flemming who has introduced advance stats into the broadcast and you have a killer combination. I dare you to find a team that has both a killer TV and radio booth. (Cue to A's fans shouting, "OUR BROADCASTERS ARE THE BEST! YOUR ANNOUNCERS ARE AS OVERRATED AS YOUR STADIUM!)

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  1. Trolling A's fans is always a noble cause. If Horace Stoneham weren't an alcoholic, they wouldn't have a team to claim.