August 7, 2012

Baseball Broadcaster Impressions: Texas

Continuing the Baseball Broadcaster Impressions project today with a look at the Texas Rangers broadcasting teams. 

TV Broadcasters: Dave Barnett, Steve Busby, Tom Grieve

Since Dave Barnett is out the rest of the year with a migraine, I'm just going to look at the Busby-Grieve combo for the TV side.

I have to admit I'm always curious when a former player handles the play-by-play duties instead of being the analyst. Some former players turn out to be great announcers. They don't talk too much about their careers or what they would do in a certain situation. They let the analyst do their job. (Think Duane Kuiper or Jerry Coleman)

And then there are the horrendous former players turned announcers. Either they don't completely grasp the duty of calling a game or point towards the obvious (Dan Gladden on the Twins radio crew first comes to mind for me) or they're horrendous homers (Hawk Harrelson obviously).

Thankfully Steve Busby is in the latter category. The former Royals pitcher has the great ability to just call the game, doesn't get in the way of Tom Grieve, and isn't a cheerleader for the team. My one complaint is that he doesn't banter that much with Grieve but this can be excused because Busby wasn't suppose to be the TV announcer at the beginning of the year.

Tom Grieve is a fine analyst. He doesn't point to the obvious while also not saying dumb things like "this guy knows how to win". Being a average analyst though sure does make broadcasts boring. I often find myself tuning out a Rangers game when I'm listening to Grieve.

Finally I have to mention Jim Knox the Rangers sideline reporter. There are two sideline reporters who I enjoy tremendously, Todd Kalas and Jim Knox. Like Kalas, Knox has way too much fun mixing it up with the fans in the stadium. And that's what I enjoy. I don't need a Amy G type mumbling through a promo. Just a dude hanging with college kids in the bleachers.

Radio Announcers: Eric Nadel and Matt Hicks

Eric Nadel has always been highly regarded by Rangers fans and after listening to a few games on the radio, I can see why. After listening to Nadel I don't know why he doesn't receive national prestige like other broadcasters.

Nadel is what every radio broadcaster should be. Very descriptive. Nadel describes everything that is happening. If there's a cloud going over the stadium Nadel will describe what kind of cloud looks like. Nadel, like Jon Miller, also knows Spanish and will occasionally say something in Spanish for a Spanish ballplayer. I highly enjoyed Nadel and do recommend listening to him if you get the chance.

Matt Hicks has replaced Busby as Nadel's partner in the radio booth. Hicks was working in Triple-A before his promotion and after listening to him I wouldn't be surprised if he gets a big league job next year. He still needed a couple more years of seasoning as the 2nd play-by-play announcer before receiving the number one spot. He definitely has a future though.

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  1. I can't stand Grieve. Between his soft barely audible voice to when his voice cracks when the Rangers do something good, the man is horrendous.