January 14, 2015

ESPN's Early Sunday Night Baseball Schedule

Ah it's the time of the year. Football is starting to go away. You're paying more attention to college basketball. The NBA is in the doldrums of their season. And baseball is right around the corner. Okay fine, baseball is still 3 months away preceded by never ending spring training games. And it's still really freaking cold for most of you east of the Rockies. But still baseball is coming, you just haven't realized it yet.

ESPN has realized it and have released the schedule for their early part of the Sunday Night Baseball schedule. And predictably there are a bunch of Yankee/Red Sox games:

April 5th: St. Louis at Chicago
April 12th: Boston at New York
April 19th: Cincinnati at St. Louis
April 26th: Mets at Yankees
May 3rd: New York at Boston

A few thoughts:

- The Cardinals are the Yankees of the National League and the Midwest. I'm fully prepared for at least 8 appearances by them this season on Sunday Night Baseball.

- I do enjoy the fact that no matter how bad the Yankees are, ESPN (Fox, MLB Network, TBS are just as guilty) will still shoehorn their games onto the network.

- Prepare for a lot of Cubs games this year. They did way too much in the offseason and have way too many expectations not be seen on the Mothership at least 4 to 5 times this year.

- To be honest, I'm more offended at this point with the MLB Network shoving Yankee games down my throat than ESPN. You're a network covering a single league. There are more teams than just the Yankees. And yet I'll guarantee you there will be more than 20 Yankee games aired on the MLB Network with at least 9 of them being their showcase Thursday night game. This offends me more than whatever Fox or ESPN does.

- And if I'm being really honest, I hardly watch the Sunday night games anymore, especially in the spring time when programming like Game of Thrones and Mad Men are also on. Add to the fact that John Kruk and Curt Schilling at the analysts, and I just don't watch these games anymore.

So yes kiddos the baseball season is right around the corner. Be excited!

September 18, 2014

Must List: Week 4

Just a few weeks ago I was complaining about the weak slate of games, especially the Thursday night game. Well this week there's almost too many good games on with a great Thursday night game. Maybe I should complain more. Or uh........look ahead at the schedule. Nah I'll just complain some more. Here's this week's must list.

Thursday, September 18th
Auburn at Kansas State, 7:30 (ESPN: Rece Davis, Jesse Palmer, David Pollack, Samantha Ponder) I'm completely surprised Bill Snyder would schedule a game like this. He usually schedules non-conference games against junior colleges. This must have been scheduled while he was gone the first time. As for the game itself, it should be an offensive shootout. Both of these teams can run the ball with ease and they should be able to pass as well. Auburn appears to be the better defensive team but neither of them have played enough games yet to make a judgement on that. Should be a fun game.

September 11, 2014

Must List: Week 3

Another week, another weak schedule of games. There are a few games that I'm interested in because we still can't judge these teams yet but we're getting close. There are about 6 teams I'm interested in and how well they look and play this weekend so not all is lost. Still though we need to get into the meat of the conference schedule soon because this is a weak slate.

Thursday, September 11th
Houston at BYU, 9:00 (ESPN: Rece Davis, Jesse Palmer, David Pollack, Samantha Ponder) I only have this game down because I want to get on my soapbox for a second. The ESPN Thursday night football game used to feature really good teams and really good games. And then the NFL comes along and takes over Thursday nights with their crappy games and bogarted the night and basically kicked college football to the curb. So now we're stuck with games like Arizona-UTSA and Houston-BYU. What I'm getting at is that like usual, the NFL sucks.

Saturday, September 13th
East Carolina at Virginia Tech, Noon (ESPN: Dave Pasch, Brian Griese, Tom Luginbill) Would anyone be surprised if Virginia Tech lost this game? Virginia Tech has entered the Clemson zone, losing games they shouldn't have receiving hype, and after beating Ohio State last week in Columbus the Hokies are receiving hype and they're about to play a team that gave South Carolina everything they could handle at the chicken coop.

September 4, 2014

Must List: Week 2

Okay here was the deal with me this summer and the state of this blog. I work in agriculture and a harvest was taking place this summer, mainly peaches. That chewed up two months of my time, specifically July and August, and left little time for any blogging at all. Well the peach harvest is done with and at a perfect time because college football and the NFL start up or have started up.

One problem though is that I was still in harvest right when the first week of the college football season started so I couldn't get a Must List done. And just my luck there was a glut of great games played during the first week of the season. Also my luck when I finally had time to work on a Must List the second week of the college football season is as bad as the first week was good. Have you seen the slate of games for this week? Yikes. Still there are a few good games and here's the very first Must List of the season. (Ed Note: I'll try to do a weekly Must List until the end of the year but I can't guarantee this blog will be very much active from now on besides a post here and there with a live blog.)

Thursday, Sept 4th
Arizona at UTSA, 8:00 (FS1: Tim Brando, Joel Klatt): Both of these teams looked really good in their opening week games. Rich Rod had Arizona rolling against UNLV racking up over 700 total yards of offense. Then you have the return of Larry Coker at UTSA coming off a big victory against Houston. UTSA may be out of their league in this game but they're definitely a team to keep en eye on.

Saturday, Sept 6th
Oklahoma at Tulsa, Noon (ABC/ESPN2: Sean McDonough, Chris Spielman, Todd McShay): Ah another year of college football, another year of Oklahoma hype. The article this time is that the Oklahoma defense is already in midseason form. Who wants to bet when Oklahoma's defense collapses and people are writing them off? I say week 8 against Kansas State. Or it come sooner again against Texas like last season.

UAB at Mississippi State, 2:00 (FSN: Bob Rathburn, Tim Couch) Speaking of another team that always starts the season red hot and then fades badly it's Mississippi State. They thrashed Southern Miss to start the year and will probably thrash UAB this week. I want to see them play against SEC teams before I start blowing smoke up their butts like Oklahoma.