April 16, 2014

"I Wasn't Talking About the Hot Dog"

The Diamondbacks are selling a 18-inch hot dog that costs $25 dollars. It's what all the opposing broadcasters are talking about now during Diamondbacks games since they're so bad. The Giants broadcasters were talking about it and the Mets broadcasters were talking about it last night.

"I wasn't talking about the hot dog."- Keith Hernandez

And this is why the Mets have one of the best broadcast teams in baseball.

April 15, 2014

Instant Replay Outrage

The initial outlook at instant replay in baseball hasn't been good. Between not being able to review every play, to running out of challenges, to the actual replay booth not having the same cameras as the TV networks to review plays, it hasn't been good.

Last night though I believe the reviewers flat got a call wrong. The play in question was whether or not JP Arrencibia controlled the ball while making a tag at home plate. I believe he still had control while making the tag and then lost control when making the exchange from his glove to his hand to make the throw to first. The reviewers didn't see it that way and changed their call. Ron Washington is with me on this argument.

I'll say this about the reviewers, that's one of those calls where no one would have been happy no matter how it was called. But to throw out Washington without explaining why the call is overturned just seems ludicrous to me.

April 14, 2014

Talkin' Baseball: Instant Replay, MLB Network Complaints, & More

49er16: Figures the first truly blown replay challenge involves Derek Jeter because of course. My favorite part is that they say they didn't have the angles showing Jeter's foot off the bag even though the Yes Network showed it. Begs to question at what type of feeds they have at their replay system?

The Colonel: It wouldn't surprise me at all if MLB is using equipment from the 1970's to look at those plays. Leave it up to this league to half-ass instant replay.

49er16: I'm just thankful they have replay at all. This league moves so slowly they make the NCAA seem fast to change.

April 11, 2014

This Week in Baseball: 4/6-4/11

Don't Forget about Jose Abreu: Easy to forget in all this Puig mess that there's another Cuban super prospect named Jose Abreu with the Chicago White Sox. His first week in the season was a mixed bag as Jeff Sullivan of Fangraphs points out. Basically pitchers are trying to find his weakness and so far Abreu has shown he isn't pull happy but has some problems around his hands. Abreu might not be a shooting star like Puig, but he'll be a really good hitter.

Mountie Votto: Votto did an interview with Intentional Talk on Tuesday dressed like this.

An Appreciation of Joey Votto: Wait I'm not done with Votto. Is their a more polarizing player in terms of numbers in baseball than Joey Votto? The nerds love Votto because he knows advance stats and gets on base. Harold Reynolds and his ilk don't appreciate him because he's a first baseman that doesn't put up big home run or RBI numbers. Hardball Times appreciates Votto for another reason, he doesn't hit infield flies. Seriously Votto has only hit 3 infield flies in 4 years. That's incredible.

April 10, 2014

Video: Deandre vs. Serge

Deandre Jordan is known for dunking on people. Serge Ibaka is known for blocking everything that comes into his path. What happens though if Jordan tries to dunk on Ibaka? Well let's find out.

Valiant effort by Ibaka. He had zero help in that sequence desperately trying to prevent a basket. If he had a little rebounding help maybe he wouldn't have made it onto Jordan's poster. Either way I'm pumped for the playoffs to start soon.