September 12, 2012

Baseball Broadcaster Impressions: Colorado

Continuing the Baseball Broadcaster Impressions Project with a look at the Colorado Rockies broadcasting teams. 

TV Broadcasters: Drew Goodman, George Frazier, Jeff Huson

It's fittingly the Rockies have this trio of announcers for their games because it's already hard to take the Colorado Rockies seriously. Seriously listen to this trio and try to take them seriously or not get mad at Huson's "analysis".

Goodman is the best of the bunch and that's not saying much. Goodman is an average broadcaster who often displays a forced enthusiasm during the games. In the games I've listened to though he's a fair broadcaster and doesn't slide over into homer mode.

Huson just pisses me off. From his hair plugs, to his voice, to his analysis. He's the complete package of suck. It also doesn't help that he looks like someone I used to work with and despised. Huson's analysis slides into the obvious and he panders to the dumb crowd. Huson just flat out pisses me off.

Frazier isn't much of an improvement over Huson sadly. His analysis also slides towards the obvious and unlike other former pitchers turned broadcasters his pitcher breakdowns aren't very good. You can usually count on a former pitcher to at least be able to breakdown what a pitcher can do, but Frazier doesn't say anything special.

Just a horrendous mishmash of announcers. Avoid their broadcasts like the plague.

Radio Broadcasters: Jack Corrigan, Jerry Schemmel

Sadly for Rockies fans their radio announcers aren't much better. While Corrigan and Schemmel won't piss you off like the TV trio, they'll definitely put you to sleep. Seriously you won't find a much more mundane duo of radio broadcasters than these two.

Both Corrigan and Schemmel are fine at broadcasting and delivering detail of the game, it's just everything else that is so mediocre. They don't tell stories. They don't entertain the audience. Once again they're both fine with delivering the nuts and bolts of the game, just don't expect much else from these two.

I've talked about this in the past but usually when one side of the broadcast is bad, the other is good. It's truly telling that neither of the Rockies broadcasts stand. It's like they're still an expansion team and then you see their goofy pitch count for their starting pitchers and you're reminded that the Rockies will forever be that expansion team. Even in their broadcasting departments.


  1. The Rockies announcers are so bad that even Rockies fans acknowledge their their horriblness.

  2. Agreed, especially Goodman and Huson, they flat out suck.