August 14, 2012

Baseball Broadcaster Impressions: Minnesota

The baseball broadcaster impressions project returns today with a look at the Minnesota Twins broadcasting team. 

TV crew: Dick Bremer and Bert Blyleven

These two might be the most "meh" crew in the majors. They're not boring enough to be Cleveland Indians bad. They're good enough to be ranked with the Mets crew or Giants crew. They're not big enough homers to be ranked with Hawk. They're just "meh".

The "meh" has to start with Dick Bremer who doesn't bring anything to the table but also doesn't take anything away from the table. He's a homer but it's not over-the-top like Hawk. Bremer's greatest contribution is that he just calls the game and gets out of the way for Blyleven. Other than that though Bremer doesn't bring much to the booth.

I always expected more out of Blyleven. I guess I expected too much. Maybe because the Twins are bad Blyleven isn't as good as a broadcaster, because I really didn't hear nothing special while listening to him. Like Bremer, Blyleven is mostly "meh". He's a homer but it's not obvious like Hawk. He's funny, but not side hurting funny like Jon Miller or Mike Krukow. Blyleven can break down pitching mechanics, but so can Mike Krukow and Brian Anderson. There's just nothing there that sets Blyleven apart.

I'll say this though about the Twins TV crew, they don't make me want to turn the channel. They're at least good enough where you say to yourself, "I'd rather listen to them than Rex Hudler." So there is that. Also Blyleven likes farts.

Radio Crew: Cory Provus, Dan Gladden

I've been fascinated by John Gordon since his star turn in 'Little Big Leage' so I was disappointed when the first year I have the capabilities to listen to whatever MLB game I want and he's gone. Gordon retired after last season and was replaced with Cory Provus.

Provus was thought very highly of during his tenure as Bob Uecker's partner in Milwaukee by Brewers fans and after listening to him for about five games this year I can see why Provus is thought highly of. Provus is funny, articulates the game very well, always reminds the listeners of the score, count, and outs, and is respectful of the other team. If Provus could tell a story every once in a while he would be the perfect broadcaster.

Gladden, the former Twin and Giant, actually works with Provus as the 2nd play-by-play announcer and not as a analyst. Which I don't think is a good thing. I'm not a big fan of analysts in the radio booth, but I think Gladden would be better suited for it than as the 2nd play-by-play announcer. Also Gladden's voice is like nails on a chalkboard.


  1. Doesn't RJBO mock Bremer for sounding too much like Bert from Sesame Street?

    1. Haha I forgot to mention that. And yes he does sound like Bert from Sesame Street.