June 23, 2009

The Links

Here's one of the Kardashian girls- I have never gotten the apeal of these girls, but a lot of people seem to like them..... Nick Swisher more focused on other issues instead of the Yankees.... Check out Corrie Loftin.... Thoughts & Prayers to those who lost loved ones in the Metro crash in D.C..... Did Steve Jobs get a live transplant faster because he is rich?- Typical class warfare article..... Obama signs the Tobacco bill, then promptly lights up a Camel..... Of course Chris Brown reached a plea deal for beating the crap out of Rihanna

R.I.P. Ed McMahon (MSNBC)

Everything you need to know about the coverage of the 2009 NBA Draft (Awful Announcing)

Warren Sapp will appear in a movie as Forest Whitaker's brother (The 7TH Floor)

Washington Nationals third-baseman Ryan Zimmerman speaks to a blog (Federal Baseball)

Donald Fehr's legacy: More money, less ethics (Philly.com)

Soccer gives the residents of Myanmar a reason to hope (Wall Street Journal)

Serena Williams is bringing down Venus Williams' legacy (Fanhouse)

Donald Trump sold back WWE RAW back to Vince McMahon (Camel Clutch Blog)

D-bags Mark Sanchez and Sean Avery battling over the same girl (The Big Lead)

I can't believe someone did this. They made a tribute video to Tim Rattay's career. Needless to say he was the first 49ers quarterback to suck after the team released Jeff Garcia.

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