September 30, 2009

The Links

Ali Landry to start off the mourning.... The man behind the Birthers Movement is from Philadelphia..... I don't think Nick Saban wanted this to get out..... Chuck Knoblauch is just the latest dirt bag.... It's time for Bobby Bowden to retire..... Even Democrats are sparing with each other over health care..... Roman Polanski wasn't your normal fugitive..... Democrats are just getting paranoid now

Ohio is for clunkers (Deadspin)

The Jaguars plan to invade Orlando (PFT)

The bizarro world of Texas Tech football (Wiz of Odds)

Media Day Part 2: Golden State Warriors (Golden State of Mind)

Orioles manager Dave Trembley may not last past this season (MLB Daily Dish)

You knew it wasn't going to take Jets fans long to break this out (The Big Picture)

The financial risks if Chicago hosts the Olympics (SI)

Some things just never change in Raiders land (Real Clear Sports)

Kobe Bryant is no longer center of the media's attention in Los Angeles (LA Daily News)

How World Wide Wes is the most important factor on how to lure LeBron to the Knicks (NY Daily News)

A ladies man (Ugliest Tattoos)

Nothing like seeing high school football players getting destroyed (Busted Coverage) video below

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