October 9, 2009

The Links

Missy Pergrym to end the week..... It's still not known yet if Sam Bradford can play this weekend.... That scumbag Levi Johnston will pose in Playgirl.... Lamar Odom was photographed smoking weed..... Can the New York Post ask a question that doesn't suck?..... David Letterman's wife demanded public apology...... Former Dr. Phil patient sues for alleged sexual harassment and brainwashing

The true "Moneyball" GM in baseball (Forbes)

Were the Twins hungover before Game 1 against the Yankees? (Sweet Spot)

Angels draw first blood against Red Sox (Big League Stew)

Danny Heatley scored a hat trick in his home debut for the Sharks (Fear the Fin)

Despite Cole Hamels losing to the Rockies, yesterday was probably the greatest day in his life (Fire Andy Reid Now!)

The crotch shot heard around the world (Viva El Birdos)

The San Antonio Spurs once again prove why they are a one of the best organizations in all of sports (True Hoop)

JaMarcus Russell was set up for failure from day 1 in Oakland (YahooSports)

Red Sox shortstop Alex Gonzalez has a son that has been in a coma for two years (ESPNBoston.com)

Fred Taylor believe he will play again in 2009 despite having ankle surgery (PFT)

Poor Matt Holliday. He will be the butt of jokes for a long time.


  1. Nice job not mentioning the guy that won the Nobel Peace Prize ;-)

  2. I actually did these last night, before Obama was announced the winner.

  3. Even as a supporter of Obama (albeit not as much as I was during the election) this is too soon. He may one day indeed earn it, but not yet.

  4. You still have to give Obama props for deciding to donate the 1.4 million cash prize that goes with the award.

    /end my political statements for the day.

  5. Your reaching there, kt. Obama still hasn't done anything to deserve that award. Espcially when the people voted on the award only a couple of weeks after he took office.