October 8, 2009


Ouch! Matt Holliday better find a wig and hope no one is in the St. Louis airport tonight to greet the Cardinals as they come home. Holliday dropped a two-out line drive in the ninth inning that lead to the Dodgers tieing the game. Oh that line drive happened to hit Holliday dead square in the junk. Then Cardinals closer Ryan Franklin pulled a Brad Lidge and gave up the game-winning hit with the bases loaded to Mark Loretta to give the Dodgers the 3-2 victory and a 2-0 lead in the series.

I'm waiting for someone to post the video of that line drive hitting Holliday in the junk. Once someone posts it, I will update this thread.


  1. It's unembeddable, but here's the video from MLB.com.

    The only thing worse than losing a game like that is getting hit right in the yambag like Holliday did in the process.

  2. I guess posting the link would help....;-)