October 1, 2009

The Links

Danielle Lloyd to start the mourning.... Now how come when a Republican says something wrong Congress wants apologies and reprimands, but when a Democrat says something wrong he's not forced to apologize..... Madonna will never marry again..... 'Zombieland' comes out this weekend

The Lakers moved to LA in the 50's from Minnesota. Could the Vikings be the next Minnesota team to leave for LA? (PFT)

Meanwhile the Maloofs don't plan on moving the Kings (Sactown Royalty)

Does ESPN mean R.I.P. for newspapers? (Fox Business)

After a bizarre off season, the NHL is just happy to be playing games again (CBSsports)

John Fox must want Carolina to fire him (Real Clear Sports)

Chicago's guest meteorologist: Scottie Pippen (Ball Don't Lie)

Kevin Love will return to using his Twitter when the season starts (Star Tribune)

Adam Morrison is ready for the basketball season (The Sports Hernia)

Take it easy Ricky Nolasco (Babes Love Baseball)

Joe Mauer was stealing signs last night (The Big Lead)

Glen Beck continues to strike nerves in the White House (Another Black Conservative)

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  1. you know the Republicans would have a lot stronger case to make re:Grayson, if any of them had actually voted against Wilson.