October 1, 2009

Must List: Week 5

Last week in college football the match ups weren't really sexy on paper. But last week featured four top ten teams upset. Moral of the story, just because a match up doesn't look sexy doesn't mean you will not see an upset. This week is different though with lots of great match ups between conference teams.

Thursday, October 1
Colorado @ West Virginia (ESPN, 7:30PM)- Here's an interesting match up between two head coaches. West Virginia coach Bill Stewart will always be criticized because of how he got the job and did he really deserve it? Colorado coach Dan Hawkins is in his fourth year in Boulder and things haven't gotten better for Colorado and Hawkins. While Stewart's job won't be on the line, a Colorado lost and Hawkins seat becomes even warmer.

Saturday, October 3
There is no redeeming mourning game to talk about this week. Unless your excited about that epic Michigan St.-Michigan game.

LSU @ Georgia (CBS, 3:30 PM)- Here's an interesting game between two teams that is hard to get a read on. LSU is undefeated but they have struggled against both Washington and Mississippi State. Georgia has played two games where the offense has struggled and two games where the offense has scored over 40 points. So it's hard to tell if this game will be a offensive or a defensive game. I'm going with the latter right now.

Washington @ Notre Dame (NBC, 3:30 PM)- One thing about this game, there is no longer the "Tyrone Willingham coaches against his former team" storyline. Notre Dame has escaped two weeks in a row with a victory, but will they be that lucky against Washington? After Washington's huge win over USC, the Huskies lost the next week at Stanford. Should be interesting to see how Washington responds to last weeks lost and how well they travel to Indiana.

UCLA @ Stanfurd (ABC, 3:30 PM)- Don't laugh but this game could determine the Pac-10 race. Both teams are undefeated in Pac-10 play and are looking to make a statement. Both UCLA and Stanfurd have improved under their new coaches and are looking to knock off USC in the Pac-10. This game could decide who wins the Pac-10 this season.

USC @ Cal (ABC, 8 PM)- How does Cal respond to last week's thrashing? How does USC respond to the loss of Stafon Johnson. How does Cal finally beat USC? Does USC once again play an outstanding game on the road against a good team? How does Cal finally involve Jahvid Best more in the offense? How does USC stop Jahvid Best once he's involved in the offense? This game will answer a lot of questions about both teams.

Oklahoma @ Miami (ABC, 8 PM)- As of right now, it's not known whether or not Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford will play in the game. It won't really matter since Freshman Landry Jones and his mustache have filled in nicely for Bradford. Miami is coming off their crushing loss to Virginia Tech proving that they are not all the way back to where they used to be. At this point, this game can go each way. Also of note, Oklahoma is returning to the stadium where they have lost two National Championships in the last six years.

Beer of Choice, Blue Moon Winter Ale: Blue Moon is one of the best beer's in the United State. Little known fact about Blue Moon is that it's only made at a small brewery inside Coors Field. Right now Blue Moon's seasonal Winter Ale is out for consumption. I suggest drinking this beer during a nice steak dinner with an orange. You can never drink a Blue Moon without an orange.

Other choices to get you to Sunday:
1) Zombieland comes out this week. I've seen so many ads for this movie so far that I don't think I'm even interested in this movie. Although from the look of the trailers, the movie has a horror-comedy feel. I might still go out and watch this movie.

2) THE MUMMY: TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR premiers on HBO. I will be honest, I didn't know another Mummy movie had come out. I loved the first two so I might watch this movie to see what it's all about.

3) Might as well watch some baseball before the season ends. Because after this weekend, you will be indited with Yankee and Red Sox talk for about a month. Might as well watch your favorite team one last time before they go to their off season.


  1. Don't forget about Millersville @ Bloomsburg at 5 PM ET? ;-)

    Actually, we're a much stronger team than Millersville so that game should be a cake walk for us.

    But still, it's a night game! Yay, night games!

  2. if its available in your area: they Dogfish Head Brewery Punkin Ale made with pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg. It's delicious!