September 30, 2009

Video of the Day: MJ & Harry

The power of YouTube never ceases to amaze me. Today Big League Stew found an old video of Michael Jordan during his baseball days. Jordan, then with the White Sox, participated in the Windy City Classic back in 1994. This video has everything. It has Harry Caray interviewing Jordan before the game. It has both Jordan's hits that drove in two runs in the game. It has Harry firing up the crowd by singing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame." Watch for yourselves.

What amazes me about Jordan's stint in baseball is that he played in the Minor Leagues where teams ride the bus for road games. Here's a very successful, very rich man riding a bus for he can play baseball. I will always have respect for the man because of that. It's too bad that baseball went on strike in 94 and Jordan quit baseball to go back to basketball. Think of what would have happened if the strike of 94 never happened. Would Jordan have stayed in baseball? Would have he been successful at baseball? A lot questions that will remain unanswered. For now enjoy the video.

VintageTube: Michael Jordan baseball highlights (!!!) (Big League Stew)

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