September 10, 2009

The Links

Miranda Kerr to start the mourning....A look at the new iPod Nano.... Obama isn't real popular when it comes to health care.... Ellen will replace Paula Abdul on 'Idol'.... Hugh Hefner files for divorce. When was he married?.... Add Charlie Sheen to the list of people who think 9/11 was an insider's job.... Would you like a side of squirrel brain?.... You can buy Bernard Madoff's New York penthouse and Florida mansion

Want to know how Obama prepared for last night's speech (Barak Obama's Teleprompters Blog)

A NFL Preview of the teams jerseys (Uni Watch)

Melanie Oudin's tennis coach is quite the homewrecker (SI)

For every time Michael Vick is tackled, a Philadelphia animal rescue will donate five bags of dog food to an shelter of an opposing city (

The NFL starts tonight!!!! (Tennessean)

The Iverson sideshow is an improvement over the garbage in Memphis (Commercial Appeal)

The Rockies never lose. Meaning that I hate them even more. Especially that douche Seth Smith (

Can the Browns outlast the Vikings this weekend (Dawgs by Nature)

Don't expect Dwayne Wade to sign a contract extension this year (Miami Herald)

MMA fighters think Liddell on "Dancing with the Stars" will humanize MMA (Raw Vegas)

Foul Ball Etiquette (The Big Picture)

I suggest watching this video. Zo is the best.

And Jack Webb schools Obama on Healthcare

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