June 15, 2009

The Links

Ashley Greene to start off the work week.... Ugh, congrats Lakers.... Nick Faldo was knighted in England... Manny Acta never stood a chance in Washington.... What's with the fans that catch two home run balls in one game?.... Brett Favre will be on Joe Buck's new show tonight

The Florida Gators are trying to scare straight their football players (Dr. Saturday)

Mark Martin won another NASCAR race (From the Marbles)

Shaq to Cleveland? (News-Hearald)

Rob Dibble isn't exactly a great analyst for the Washington Nationals (Washington Times)

Will Phil Jackson retire after this season? (NBC Sports)

Plaxico Burress saga will never end (Deadspin)

The Mets don't just lose, they lose in spectacular fashion (Major League Jerk)

The nation seeks sportswriters opinions on Kobe Bryant (The Onion)

Boxer Ray Mercer took on MMA fighter Tim Sylvia. Mercer recorded the KO pretty quickly.

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