June 12, 2009

Have a Great Weekend

I am outta here for the weekend. So I just wanted to wish everybody a great weekend and I will be back Monday with Links and Foul Ball.

Until then, enjoy some parting way weekend links and videos.

- Be sure to head on over to Fire Andy Reid Now! for tonight's Game 7 live blog. And be sure to join JFein on Sunday for a possible close out game between the Magic and Lakers.

- Donavan McNabb was given more money by the Eagles
- Ric Flair vs. Jesus

- Niners QB competition is heating up

This has become my favorite video. A grandmother gets tazered.

This has to be the greatest opening scene from a new television show ever. It's from Eastbound & Down and it's great. Kenny Powers is the man.

And I couldn't possibly be leaving without showing at least one Family Guy video.

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