June 12, 2009

The Links

Meet the new Miss California, I see why she was the runner-up.... Were this close to seeing tobacco products going away forever in this county- what do you think about that Obama?.... We are finally transitioning to Digital TV.... Stan Van Jeremy doesn't like the "one and done rule" either..... 10 people and things who have the most pressure on them in Game 7 in Detroit

Bill Simmons talks NBA Finals and his book (New Yorker)

Also Simmons had Erin Andrews on his Podcast (The Arena)

Bob Barker cussing on Dan Le Betard's radio show (City of Champions)

Brad Childress is lead clown in Favre circus (NBC Sports)

Red Wings-Penguins the next big rivalry? (Free Press)

Vijah Singh is who you thought he is (Commercial Appeal)

Now Tim Sylvia is not boxing this weekend (Blood, Booze, and Bruises)

There is another Final Destination movie coming out. Do we need to watch another one of these movies.

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