February 13, 2014

How Old is the Oakland Arena?

Last night's Warriors-Heat game was probably the best game you'll see all year in the NBA. The Heat had a big lead on the Warriors only to let it slip away finally needing a last second Lebron 3 to win the game for them. In between that time a piece of disco ball fell from the Oakland Arena roof and delayed the game. Yes, I said disco ball making me wonder just how old is the Oakland Arena?

I love how that idiot Bob Fitzgerald thought a fan threw something on the court. Because fans are totally allowed to bring glass objects into stadiums and arenas still.


  1. I'm one of the many Warriors fans who are in full support of the proposed arena in San Francisco in large part because of things like this. Yeah, I know Chris Cohan renovated it back in the 90s, but the place I called the Coliseum Arena when I was a Contra Costa County resident is in every bit as bad of shape as the [insert Silicon Valley company here] Coliseum is.

    I, for one, look forward to the sewage system at Oracle malfunctioning. It'll make me cringe and you laugh. Fun for the whole family.

    1. I and a lot of other people don't want to see them build right on that pier. I hope they get a new arena but not there.

    2. I don't disagree. If there were ever a situation where the Warriors had a playoff game the same time the Giants were playing a home game, every single street in that part of the City would be a parking lot for hours.