February 14, 2014

This Week in the NBA: 2/10-2/14

We Have Our First Coaching Casualty: On Sunday morning the world learned that the Detroit Pistons have once again fired another coach, this time Mo Cheeks after only a half of a season. Zach Lowe of Grantland breaks down the firing and states that it was going to take a special coach to coach a roster like that and sadly Mo Cheeks wasn't that guy. Joe Dumars should be the next one to go but because he's a Detroit legend and the media love the guy he'll probably continue his job as their GM.

Lebron Game-Winner: Miami almost blew a huge lead to the Warriors on Wednesday night but thankfully they have Lebron James who hit this game-winning 3 being guarded by Andre Iguodala out of all people.

Trade Deadline Primer: Back to Zach Lowe who is previewing the trade deadline and the conclusion is, the trade deadline just isn't what it used to be. Too many teams just don't have any trade assets like draft picks like the Warriors and Wizards to make a deal. There are some teams though that could make surprising deals like Denver, maybe Faried gets traded, or Atlanta because they're contending. Still though don't expect anything big before the deadline.

House of Cards: Building a house of cards can be hard and challenging and there is often failure. Kinda like building a basketball team in the eastern conference according to Derek James. Three teams in the east: Detroit, Milwaukee, and Cleveland tried building houses of cards and they have all failed. Re-building is always risky and sometimes the whole house can come down if you put in the wrong foundation like the Cavaliers.

Jimmer is on Fire!: Jimmer Fredette hasn't had much to celebrate in his NBA career with the Sacramento Kings. His first two years he was in and out of Keith Smart's rotations. This year he's gotten to play but he's been spotty even reluctant. He finally broke through on Wednesday night against the New York Knicks scoring a career high 25 points in the Kings victory.

Woj Takedown: There's nothing quite like an Adrian Wojnarowski takedown. He's probably my favorite columnist takedown artist at the moment and right now he has his sights set on the Cleveland Cavaliers who just fired their GM Chris Grant. My favorite part of the story is that former GM Chris Grant tried to trade Dion Waiters or Tristan Thompson for Anthony Davis or LeMarcus Aldridge. (Give me a second and let me pick myself up off the floor from laughing so hard.) And now the Cavs have probably taken themselves out of the Lebron James sweepstakes.

Games of the Week: A look at the best games of the upcoming week.
2/14-2/17, All-Star Weekend: All-Star weekend just isn't a thing for me anymore, especially since the Olympics will be played during those days. The dunk contest should be fun though.
Tuesday, February 18th, Atlanta at Indiana: Indiana needs to continue to push their pace because they need home court for the playoffs to beat Miami. Atlanta right after the break is a good test for them.
Wednesday, February 19th, Golden State at Sacramento: If the Warriors had a worst record I'd suggest this would be a boring game. Because the Warriors are good the Kings will actually try in this game making it a must watch.
Thursday, February 20th, Miami at Oklahoma City: A finals preview? Will Durant score another 30 points on Miami with Lebron guarding him? How many "Yes's!" will we get from Marv in this game? So many questions and so little time.

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