January 16, 2014

Nick Young vs. The World

Last night Swaggy P decided to fight the entire Phoenix Suns team. Well the players who weren't the Morris twins or once he realized how tall Alex Len is. Just watch.

A few thoughts:
- How sad was it when the announcer said the Lakers were probably losing their "best scorer"? If Nick Young is your best scorer on the floor, then you're probably going to the lottery.

- Gotta love Swaggy P taking a swing at Alex Len, running away when one of the Morris Twins came after him, then swinging at Goran Dragic. Carmelo Anthony's bitch slap and backpedal are proud.

- His hair makes him look like a rooster.

- How long will his suspension be? I'm guessing it won't be over 5 games.

1 comment:

  1. Holy crap his hair does make him look like a rooster.