January 15, 2014

The First Half of the ESPN Sunday Night Baseball Schedule

Is ESPN Sunday Night Baseball still a must watch for you? It really isn't for me anymore. Purchasing mlb.tv every year certainly has taken off the shine of Sunday Night baseball for me along with the advent of the MLB Network which shows a lot of games. But if Sunday Night baseball is still your thing, here's the first half schedule for the upcoming season.

A few thoughts:
- You gotta love ESPN. Even though they didn't make the playoffs last year and don't look much better coming into this season, the Yankees will be on 3 times during the first 11 weeks. Not even the world champ Red Sox are on that much. And it wouldn't surprise me if the Yankees are on a couple of more times during the 2nd half of the schedule.

- ESPN also is going to have a hard on for the Dodgers this year. They're also on 3 times during the first half of the schedule including a game against the Padres. The Padres? When was the last time they were on ESPN Sunday night baseball?

- 3 times for the Cardinals means 3 times the @bestfansinbaseball will be on in primetime.

- I'm sadly not shocked at the fact that the A's aren't on primetime despite them being one of the best teams the past two seasons. Small markets like Oakland may win, but that doesn't mean ESPN has to pay attention to them.

- I am shocked at the lack of NL East teams being on the schedule. I would have thought a team with talented players like the Nationals would have gotten at least one game. Same with the Atlanta Braves.

- I will probably watch only a handful of these games. With the Dodgers, Yankees, and Cardinals being shoved down my throat combined with Schilling entering the booth and Mad Men and Game of Thrones airing at the same time I probably won't watch many of these games.

(Via Hardball Talk)


  1. I'm not ready for Yankees-Red Sox on friday on the MLB Network, Saturday on Fox, and Sunday on ESPN.

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