January 17, 2014

This Week in the NBA: 1/12-1/17

Why Not the Warriors: Zach Lowe of Grantland asks why couldn't the Warriors be championship contenders? They have defense in Bogut and Iggy. Offense with Thompson and Curry. So why couldn't they compete? Well as Zach states the Warriors two best players, Curry and Bogut, are injury prone. The offense does stall at times and has too many ISO plays (only the Knicks have more, of course). Curry and Bogut being injury prone is why I can't quite take them seriously, especially with Curry. He's always an ankle roll away from being injured for a while and the Warriors offense is really bad without Curry.

Ty Lawson All-Star Video: Believe it or not but we're not that far away from the NBA All-Star game. And because of that you're going to see teams pushing and politicking for their players to be voted into the game. The Nuggets came up with a pretty good video for Ty Lawson.

Who Gets To the FT Line The Most?: Statcenter made a fancy chart illustrating who gets to the free throw line the most and who makes the most free throws. I couldn't believe it when I seen it but Demarcus Cousins reaches the FT Line the most. Now if he could make 75% of his free throws his offensive game would be more complete. In the least surprising news, Dwight Howard reaches the FT line a lot and misses a lot of free throws.

Why The Pacers Might Not Take Down Miami?: Paul George announced to the world last year in the eastern conference finals but was that a mirage? George then and at the start of this season was making a lot of mid-range jumpers and was due for regression. And right on cue George's production has regressed from the mid-range. Time will tell how much this affects George's overall game and whether or not Indiana can beat Miami.

Lance Stephenson All-Star Video: Lance Stephenson of the Indiana Pacers also wants you to vote for him and boy his video is ten times more creepier than Lawson's video. Check out this video.

Who is the Ultimate Pro?: The Hangtime blog at NBA.com put together a roundtable and asked, "Who is the ultimate pro?". They of course mostly chose Tim Duncan and honestly I would choose him as well. My second choice would have been Lebron because like Duncan everything runs through him. The offense and the defense and like Duncan, Lebron only cares about making other people around him better.

The Pistons are Bad but They Shouldn't Be This Bad: Back to Zach Lowe who says the Detroit Pistons shouldn't be this bad but they are. No surprise the Josh Smith move isn't working out. He takes too many bad shots and jumbles up the offense. One solution is too not give Smith that many minutes while the other solution is to trade either Smith or Greg Monroe.

Warriors trade for Jordan Crawford: The Warriors added some much needed bench depth by trading for Jordan Crawford. The Miami Heat sent Joel Anthony and a couple of draft picks to Boston while the Warriors sent Toney Douglas to Miami. Zach Lowe again says the Heat will most likely waive Douglas to clear room for Andrew Bynum. Andrew Lynch says Crawford is headed to Golden State to complete his destiny at becoming a roman God. I'm meanwhile getting my popcorn ready because it's going to be hilarious when Crawford takes a shot away from Stephen Curry in crunch time.

Best of the Week: A look at the best games of the upcoming week.
Friday, January 17th Portland at San Antonio: Because the world demands more Knicks games, this game won't be shown on national TV. Because why would you want to air a great game in place of the Knicks drama?
Saturday, January 18th Clippers at Indiana: Clippers have been playing well despite the fact that Chris Paul is injured. Blake Griffin has turned into that all-around player we've been hoping for and DeAndre Jordan is having a stellar season.
Monday, January 19th Indiana at Golden State: I watched Indiana play Sacramento on Tuesday night and watched Demarcus Cousins have one of the best nights of his career against Roy Hibbert no less. Didn't matter as the Pacers still crushed the Kings. They are an efficient machine grounding down opponents on offense and not letting them breath on defense.
Tuesday, January 20th Portland at Oklahoma City: Always exciting games between these two.

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