December 17, 2013

Knicks gonna Knick

Another dandy moment for the New York Knicks last night. Watch.

Let's count all the problems with this play:
1. No one helped Beno once Beal blew past him.
2. No one covered the rim.
3. Mike Woodson didn't call a timeout after the play was over.
4. Carmelo Anthony didn't call a timeout once moving past the halfcourt line.
5. Carmelo took an awful shot to end the game.

I complained last year when the Lakers were a mess about how much airtime major networks gave them. I'm not complaining about the Knicks. The Knicks are a disaster I can't look away from. And the best part is that it no of this is their fault. Check out these postgame quotes. They can't point their fingers fast enough at someone else. If Mike Woodson makes to New Year's without being fired I'll be shocked.

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