December 16, 2013

Talkin' Sports: Romo, NFC East, & More

49er16: You seriously do not see things in the movies or TV like the Dallas Cowboys every December. Only the Cowboys could blow a 23-point lead to a bad backup QB in a December game with the division on the line. And of course Romo had to throw two INT's. It all had to happen because that's Tony Romo.

The Colonel: The thing that makes me laugh are the people complaining about the Cowboys not running the ball in the 2nd half. Here's the problem with that strategy and why the Cowboys didn't follow it, the Packers would know the run is coming and would stop the Cowboys. They had to keep throwing to try and build that lead. Running the ball probably would have just given the Packers better field position.

49er16: The other issue is the Cowboys defense is horrible and that Cover-2 scheme doesn't work for every team. To play Cover-2 you need linebackers who can drop back in coverage and defensive lineman who can pressure the QB. The Cowboys have neither and that's why their defense is bad. Their defense is also bad because Monte Kiffin needs to retire to Boca Raton.

The Colonel: I'm more dumbfounded at how the Eagles lost so badly to the Vikings. Despite not having the ball as long as the Vikings, the Eagles were better offensively in all facets of the game on Sunday. And then you see the Eagles had to settle for too many field goals and had 9 penalties to the Vikings 3. Still what a horrendous loss for the Eagles.

49er16: The entire NFC East is horrendous. Arizona should be given the NFC East's playoff spot.

The Colonel: Okay help me out here. If I'm Mike Shanahan and I wanted to be fired wouldn't I play RG3 instead of benching him? Really you're helping the Redskins by showcasing Cousins, trying to get feelers for a possible trade for draft picks. If anything Shanahan is helping the Redskins. He's letting RG3 rest and helping Cousins trade stock. Maybe he's not trying to sabotage himself and his job?

49er16: What's going to be hilarious is who the Redskins choose as their new coach. What sane person would want to play for those lunatics? They're either having to hire someone who shouldn't be an NFL coach like Jim Zorn, an old timer cashing in one last paycheck like Shanahan, or an college coach who is just there for the money like Spurrier.

The Colonel: I couldn't see Art Briles taking that job and I don't believe there's another college coach crazy enough to take that job. I could see someone like Gruden taking that job because his buddy Bruce Allen is working for them. He'd be crazy enough to take Snyder's money to coach for a few years and then go back to the TV booth.

49er16: He's the only veteran coach crazy enough I can see taking that job unless Joe Gibbs wants another go-around. I'm sure though they'll get stuck with another Jim Zorn type who should never be a head coach of even a high school team.

The Colonel: Getting back to bad divisions, can the AFC North be exempt from the playoffs? I'm sorry but I'd rather watch San Diego in the playoffs instead of Cincinnati again or Baltimore. Both of those teams make me want to chew glass.

49er16: Sad thing is either Cincinnati or Baltimore will get a home playoff date. And probably one of them will advance over either Kansas City or San Diego or even Miami.

The Colonel: I'm just glad Pittsburgh will not get into the playoffs. And speaking of Pittsburgh, I still can't believe that Steelers player lit up the Bengals punter breaking his jaw. You're a real tough guy blindsiding a 170 pound punter when you probably outweigh him by 80 pounds. What a pathetic team and I'm sure there's some Yinzer drinking piss for beer celebrating that hit as soon as it happened.

49er16: Anything we're looking forward to this week?

The Colonel: Another Pacers-Heat game!

49er16: Have a good week folks.


  1. That hit on the punter might be one of the dirtiest hits I've seen in a long time.

  2. The best part of that hit was how nonchalant Al & Cris were about it. If it had been Big Ben getting drilled like that, the outrage would have been off the charts.

    Here's hoping the Ravens ruin The Colonel's playoff viewing yet again.

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