November 22, 2013

Rovell and Grantland on JFK

You just knew this was coming today....... let's have some fun at Rovell.

"JFK's assassination was terrible for the Carcano rifle company."- Rovell
"Book sales dropped after Oswald used the book depository to kill JFK."- Rovell
"Gas in Dallas that day sold for .35 cents per gallon. Today it's $4.50."- Rovell
"JFK's death was great for his post-presidency brand."- Rovell
"CBS, NBC, and ABC saw a 50% increase in viewing audience after the assassination."- Rovell

Rovell isn't the only one to be made fun of. Of course there is also Grantland which I'm surprised hasn't jumped in on this conversation but that doesn't mean Drew Magary can't make up their conversation along with us.

"Youtube Hall of Fame: The best of the Zapruder film" by the Grantland Staff
"How did JFK's assassination affect his legacy?" by Bill Simmons
"The best JFK movies" by Wesley Morris
"Are the Kennedy's more jinxed than the Toronto Maple Leafs?" by @DownGoesBrown
"Was JFK really killed?" Conspiracy Theory corner with Chuck Klosterman

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  1. "Dry cleaning for Jacqueline's blood soaked dress cost $12 dollars in 1963. Today it would be $33 dollars."- Rovell