November 21, 2013

Must List: Week 13

This is one of those weeks in college football where there are just a few good games and a slew of Idaho's at Florida. Next week will be the good week when colleges play their rival games including the big Auburn vs Alabama game. There are some interesting games this week so let's take a look at them.

Thursday, November 21st
Rutgers vs UCF, 7:30 (ESPN: Rece Davis, David Pollack, Jesse Palmer, Sam Ponder) Does nothing but drama surround this school? Between Mike Rice, Eddie Jordan's fake diploma, the AD being accused of abuse and now their football is embroiled in a scandal of he said-she said. Rutgers is just constant drama that I'm not sure that school really isn't just a off-off-off-off Broadway play. I'm sure the Big Ten is thrilled they're adding this sideshow in New Jersey.

Saturday, November 23rd
Michigan State at Northwestern, Noon (ESPN: Bob Wischusen, Rod Gilmore, Quint Kessenich) Remember when Northwestern was unbeaten and talked about as a dark horse title contender? Feels like it was just a couple of weeks ago, right? Well Gameday came to town and Northwestern hasn't won a game since. They've lost 6 games in a row since the Ohio State game and a few of those games have been horrendous losses like the one against Nebraska. Things don't get easier this week for the Wildcats as they play Michigan State who is destroying everything in their path.

Harvard at Yale, Noon (NBC Sports Net: Randy Moss, Ross Tucker) I was looking at the Ivy League schedules and noticed none of the teams travel to say Michigan or to an SEC site to play a FBS for money. That right there should tell you how much tuition is in the Ivy League. They don't have to pull a Savannah State and play a bunch of FBS teams for an influx of cash. Makes me wonder if all the FCS teams should give up bringing in scholarship athletes?*

*I know this will never happen in a million years.

Texas A&M at LSU, 3:30 (CBS: Verne Lundquist, Gary Danielson, Tracy Wolfson) It's a shame that Texas A&M's defense has been so bad this season because Johnny Manziel really has been great. Manziel's future in the NFL interests me. He'd be perfect in that Chip Kelly offense but I have a bad feeling he's going to end up on a team with the wrong coach and system and fail and there's going to be a done of "I told you so". I hope this doesn't happen but really doesn't it feel like the path he's going to go down?

Wisconsin at Minnesota, 3:30 (ESPN: Dave Pasch, Brian Griese, Tom Luginbill) Wisconsin has always fascinated me going back to the Ron Dayne days. What fascinates me is that in the days of passing, passing, and more passing Wisconsin is still successful to this day by running the ball down teams throats. And it doesn't matter who's on the offensive line or who the running backs are or what era we're currently, Wisconsin continues to win. Amazing the run they've had.

Arizona State at UCLA, 7:00 (Fox: Gus Johnson, Charles Davis, Kristina Pink) ASU and UCLA play this weekend to see who gets slaughtered again in the Pac-12 championship against either Oregon or Stanford.
This photo cracks me up because that's Blaine Gabbert front and center.

Missouri at Ole Miss, 7:45 (ESPN: Brad Nessler, Todd Blackledge, Holly Rowe) Matt Millen was criticized the other day for suggesting that Missouri belongs in the Alabama-Florida State conversation. Maybe this is just me but I don't believe Millen is that crazy for making this statement. Their one loss was in double OT against South Carolina. And you can't really complain about their non-conference schedule because Alabama also played some patsies. But because he's Matt Millen, he's an idiot and this argument is mute.

Baylor at Oklahoma State, 8:00 (ABC: Brent Musburger, Kirk Herbstreit, Heather Cox) I don't like Baylor in this game because it just feels like they're due for a loss. They've had one hell of a season, their offense is scoring at amazing rates, and their defense is underrated but it feels like the glass slippers are going to come off against an underrated OK State in Stillwater. I hope I'm wrong.

Recipe of the Week, Sausage Dressing: What's your favorite part of Thanksgiving meals? Is it the bird itself? The deserts? Icky yams? For me personally I've always loved my mothers sausage dressing and this week's recipe of the week is the closest thing I've seen to her recipe. Make sure to use Jimmy Dean sausage because it's the best.

Alcoholic Beverage of the Week, Winter Solstice: This time of the year with the weather become colder you start seeing less pumpkin beers and more darker ales. One of the better darker ales is Winter Solstice by Anderson Valley Brewing Company. The toffee taste this beer leaves is one of the best tastes an ale beer can leave behind.


  1. Someone made note of the fact that Northwestern hasn't won since Darren Rovell tweeted out his "University of LOSEIVILLE" tweet. And as often the case with most disasters in sports, Darren Rovell is at fault.

  2. How about the fact we're a couple of shaky Notre Dame PI calls from having Sparty in the National Championship discussion?

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