December 19, 2012

Gerald Henderson Dunks On Dwight Howard, Lakers Teammate Celebrates

Last night the Los Angeles Lakers needed a 4th quarter rally to beat the Charlotte Bobcats. Yes seriously. That's not what I want to talk about though. I want to talk about Gerald Henderson dunking on Dwight Howard and the fact someone on the Lakers bench jumped up to celebrate the dunk. Watch:

What's funny about that Lakers player jumping up to celebrate his teammate getting dunked on was that someone else grabbed him and sat him down. Now there are multiple reasons why a teammate would be celebrating the fact that Dwight got dunked on. Let's run them down:

- Didn't like Howard's impersonation of him.
- Kobe told him to celebrate Howard's failings
- Celebrating for one of Howard's baby mamma's
- He just got finished reading one of Phil Jackson's "Zen" books and was celebrating the fact he understood it
- Didn't like Howard's Superman impersonation
- Thinks Howard is a dick and believes that anything bad that happens to him should be celebrated.

Whatever the reasons were for that Lakers teammate celebration, I applaud him for applauding that awesome dunk.


  1. Are we sure that wasn't fellow Dookie Chris Duhon jumping up?

    1. I thought it was Jamison but it could be Duhon.

    2. You're right. That was Jamison.