November 6, 2012

The Sixers Are Um..............Interesting

When I created my League Pass team list, one of the team's in the Atlantic Division that I wanted to keep an eye on was the Philadelphia Sixers. Take a second and look at their roster and you'll see why. Andrew Bynum, Kwame Brown, Nick Young, Spencer Hawes, and Damien Wilkins. It's as if the Sixers GM said, "Let's put all the league's most frustrating players on one roster and see if Collins will commit suicide on the sidelines before the All-Star break". And I haven't even mentioned that Philly has both Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday.

One of those frustrating players for both coaches and fans, Nick Young, showed why he's a frustrating player with this shot last night.

Now you see why I'm going to be checking out the Sixers this year. And Bynum hasn't even played yet!

Speaking of frustrating players, JR Smith went JR Smith and had a huge dunk in the game and then stared down the Philly crowd while Doug Collins looked like he was ready to cry.

I think we need to start a petition to get JR on the Philly roster. How hasn't this happened yet? Nick Young and JR Smith!

(Videos via Eye On Basketball)


  1. I'm more interested in finding out if this team causes Justin to rip his eyeballs from his head.

    1. Just another reason to monitor the Sixers.