November 5, 2012

Talkin' Sports: Basketball, Football, & BCS

49er16: What do we do now that baseball is over? I had to go to the mountains this weekend and sit in the cold snow and think about spring training. The World Series happened too fast.

The Colonel: Yeah it does amaze me how quickly the world series went by. We blinked and all of a sudden Sergio Romo is wearing a "I just look illegal" shirt while walking down the streets of San Francisco. Well at least we have the Sacramento Kings to be depressed over.

49er16: Sigh the Kings. They're so sad to watch. They can't rebound or hold onto the ball. I watch 5 minutes of their game and it makes me want to punch a hole in the wall.

The Colonel: And you didn't even mention that basically everyone on that team is a ball-stopper. It's like they're all allergic to passing the ball. It's okay guys to let someone else who has a better opening the ball to see if they can score I swear.

49er16: I have a question. How the hell is LSU still in the BCS top ten and above Louisville who is undefeated? I know Louisville is in the Big East but they have two fewer losses than LSU. The BCS can't die soon enough.

The Colonel: I heard Gary Danielson say a one-loss Alabama should get into the championship game based on quote "the SEC reputation". So I guess an undefeated Louisville is below a two-loss LSU on "SEC reputation". So yeah the BCS is worst than ever. My conspiracy theory is the people who are running the BCS just said "fuck it, let's screw with everyone." If Bama lost that game my guess they wouldn't have dropped more than two spots in the rankings.

49er16: And poor Oregon would still be below Bama. Yeah I could see how the BCS wouldn't even have dropped Bama that much if they have lost that game.

The Colonel: I don't want to see Bama/Saban win another championship. Every championship Saban wins, college football takes a step back to the "three yards and a cloud of dust" days. Joe Paterno may be dead and disgraced, but his legacy lives on with Saban's teams. All defense and just enough offense.

49er16: I can't stand Saban either. And really I can't stand Bama fans. They're just redneck Yankee fans. Take out the Jersey/Bronx accent and replace it with a southern accent. I don't want to see them win another championship.

The Colonel: I know you were gone most of Sunday but you have to see this postgame speech by Chuck Pagano of the Colts. I can actually root for this team now that the bible thumping coach and commercial selling QB are both gone. I'm rooting for the Colts to play the Broncos in the playoffs.

49er16: If Andrew Luck didn't look like there was a chromosome missing in him, I would like him just a little bit more. My other problem with the Colts is their owner. Though I guess it is nice he a little personality and doesn't look like he's addicted to plastic surgery like Jerry Jones.

The Colonel: No truth to the rumor that the Jets lost against their bye week? I heard Sanchez threw 5 interceptions and Rex Ryan still refused to play Tim Tebow.

49er16: Tebow with Ryan reminds me of someone who agreed with their friend to go on a double-blind date. He's looking at his finger nails and waiting for the check for he can go home and then call and chew out his friend for making him go on the date.

The Colonel: Yeah he does always look mortified when anyone asks about Tebow. Just like that guy who gets asked if he's going to call that girl.


  1. The Pagano speech is great.

  2. And by "chromosome missing" you mean "went to Stanford", right?

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