October 5, 2012

2012 MLB Postseason Predictions

Okay time for some MLB Postseason predictions. I did this for the MLB regular season and was pretty terrible. Let's see how terrible I am after the postseason is over. Here's the predictions.

I Have No Clue Who Will Win The World Series: I look at all the teams in the postseason and I just don't see a clear cut favorite. There isn't that one team that just stands out ahead of everyone else. Washington might be the most complete team out of everyone but that doesn't guarantee a championship (See: Philadelphia the past two years). It wouldn't surprise me if a team like the Cardinals win or a team like the Yankees. It wouldn't surprise me if we see a Yankees-Nationals World Series. I'm not confident enough to say who will be in the World Series or who will win.

Someone Will Get Screwed In The 2-3 Format: I remember when the Giants were screwed by the 2-3 format in 1997. Kris remembers when his Orioles beat a powerhouse of an Indians team in 96 in the 2-3 format. One of the top seeds will go down in the 2-3 format (crosses my fingers it's the Reds) and we'll hear their fans complain about how the 2-3 format is unfair. (Which it is.)

Texas Will Lose Either Today or In The NLDS: The Rangers imploded down the stretch and on Wednesday. They'll either lose today against the Orioles or in the ALDS. I've never liked teams that back peddled into a postseason and the Rangers are the definition of a team that backpedaled into the postseason.  If it was anyone else but Joe Saunders tonight I would have more confidence in the Orioles putting the Rangers out of their misery.

I Don't Like The Tigers: Everyone seems to be really high on Detroit, their fans flooded Jim Rome's show Thursday with calls, but I'm not. Has everyone forgotten that Detroit struggled to win a mediocre AL Central needing the last couple of weeks and a White Sox collapse to even reach the playoffs? And look at that lineup. Once you get past Cabrera and Fielder there's nothing there. I'm sure the rest of the American League is quaking in their boots over Don Kelly and Delmon Young.

Experience In The Postseason Doesn't Matter: Almost all of the Giants players in 2010 had none postseason experience. So if you hear someone say the Nats won't go far because they're young, you have my approval to roll your eyes.

MLB Will Get Crushed In The Ratings This Weekend And The Hand-Ringers Will Be Out In Force: MLB made a huge mistake starting the postseason on a weekend. While the Saturday games might do okay ratings against College Football, the Sunday games will get crushed by the NFL on Sunday and on Monday night. And then you'll hear all the hand-ringers like The Big Lead and Colin Cowherd saying, "SEE! SEE! No one cares about baseball!" I'm already dreading this. Easiest prediction out of them all.


  1. I thought for sure you would go with the easy prediction of Dusty Baker would blow at least one game for the Reds.

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