October 5, 2012

Talkin' Baseball: The Postseason

The Colonel and I had an emergency meeting at the Mos Eisley Cantina this morning to discuss the MLB postseason before the game begin. Enjoy.

49er16: I was thinking about this last night and everyone will scream that the play-in game is unfair if the either the Cards or Rangers lose tonight. If you really think about it though, pretty much all the postseasons in sports are unfair except the NBA and NHL. And who would want MLB playing till early December if they went to an NBA/NHL postseason?

The Colonel: The NFL and the NCAA tournament is especially unfair because they're all elimination games. At the same time the elimination style of postseasons is what makes the NFL playoffs and NCAA tournament so much fun to watch. But yeah there will definitely be a few hand wringers out if one of the top seeds lose in the NLDS or the play-in games because of the short format. I can already hear, "SMALL SAMPLE SIZE!"

49er16: Oh the hand wringers were out in full force when the Phillies lost the past couple of years. Why does baseball bring out the absolutely worst in baseball fans and non-fans? Seriously can you name one sport that brings out the hand wringers faster than baseball?

The Colonel: The NBA can bring out the hand wringers pretty fast because of the racial proponent. But yeah baseball does bring out all forms of hand wringers from the advance metrics "Small Sample Size or SSS" guy to the football writers talking about how unfair the game is because there's no salary cap. They're all the worst. Just sit back and enjoy the game fuckers.

49er16: Okay enough talk about this, let's get to the actual postseason. Is there a team that stands out to you because there really isn't a team that stands out to me like the Phillies have the past couple of years.

The Colonel: The A's stand out to me because they have great pitching and can hit home runs which is usually a pretty good combination in the postseason (See the 2010 Giants). The problem with the NL is that the three division winners won their divisions a couple of weeks ago so we haven't been paying as much attention to them. Out of those three I like the Nats because their pitching is more consistent.

49er16: If you put a gun to my head I would also say the A's and Nationals. I think the Reds-Giants series is a toss up along with the Yankees vs Orioles/Rangers. The Tigers are Cabrera/Fielder and then a bunch of guys. Although it wouldn't surprise me if the Tigers won the ALDS against the A's because of the 2-3 format.

The Colonel: That would be the A's luck. Lose the first two games in Detroit and then lose the ALDS at home. I can already hear their fans whining and complaining about the format and saying things like, "THEY RIGGED THE SYSTEM AGAINST US!", because no one enjoys a good conspiracy theory than A's/Raiders fans. A's/Raiders fans all believe the moon landing is fake and was filmed at a Hollywood set you know.

49er16: Oh man now I'm expecting the A's to lose now in the ALDS. When I made my predictions today I said that one of the top seeds will lose in the ALDS and we'll hear about how unfair the 2-3 format is. I can see the A's losing already and their troll fans complaining about how the system is rigged against them because all systems are rigged against Oakland teams.

The Colonel: It will be glorious. They're aren't bigger trolls in the universe than A's fans. Also of note I like how the "real" A's fans showed up for the final couple home games this year. They're not bandwagon jumpers at all.

49er16: Oh I'm sure none of those fans that finally decided to go to the Coliseum didn't dust the mothballs off of their Rickey Henderson jerseys and decided to buy A's tickets. I'm 100% sure they were all sitting in their living rooms this year with their Rickey jersey's on watching A's-Mariners games and then finally decided to buy A's tickets.

The Colonel: Haha, I saw on Wednesday there were a lot of Henderson and Eckersley jerseys in the crowd. There isn't a fan base in the world that lives more in the past than A's or Raiders fan. It's like everyone in Oakland is stuck in the 1970's complaining that John Madden isn't a winner because the Raiders haven't been to a Super Bowl under him.

49er16: Okay we better move on because I'm sure someone will leave a comment on this post saying, "COUNT THE RINGS!".

The Colonel: Who do you like tonight? I actually like the road teams tonight. Texas is reeling from Wednesday and Kris Medlen is due for a loss or a bad performance.

49er16: I would like the Orioles more tonight if anyone besides Joe Saunders started. As for the Braves, I have a bad feeling they're going to lose on a bunt attempt or some guy like Daniel Descalso is going to break their hearts and then we're stuck with the Cardinals for another few games. Man I hate the Cardinals.

The Colonel: But the Cardinals are so gritty! They play baseball the right way! Yeah I'm kinda fearing a Cardinals win tonight as well. If they win the World Series again I might not watch baseball ever again. I don't think I could handle it.

49er16: I see Joe West is a crew chief for the Nats-Braves/Cards series. I'm sure he won't throw anyone out of the game.

The Colonel: I'm already expecting a blown call in the postseason. Thankfully MLB put together a pretty good crew along with West. Hopefully Jim Joyce and Ed Hickcox subtract the worst West qualities.

49er16: Okay we've been side stepping this topic long enough. Tim Lincecum starting a game in the Reds bandbox with a weaker defense behind him because he just has to have Hector Sanchez catching him is frightening me.

The Colonel: I know Bochy wanted his two best starters to start at home against the Reds (Cain and Bumgarner) but I would have started Zito or Lincecum in one of those games. I personally don't trust either guy in Cincinnati especially if it's a game 3 and the series is tied.

49er16: I hear ya. I also don't trust either guy in Cincinnati. That being said I think the Reds-Giants series will be the best divisional series in the playoffs. Both teams can score and both teams have solid pitching. I'll be surprised if that series doesn't go at least 4 games.

The Colonel: The Giants saving grace in that series is that Dusty Baker is the Reds manager. I'm almost 100% confident a Dusty mistake will be made. He'll leave a pitcher in the game too long or bring in the wrong reliever or walk Pagan to face Scutaro. Something will happen where Baker will lose at least one game for the Reds.

49er16: Just our lucky Dusty will make every right decision. Should be fun though.


  1. I doubt the Cards go on another run but wouldn't be surprised to see them beat Atlanta today.

  2. Wait, the moon landing is real? It was filmed out at Craters of the Moon, I swear! #FormerIdahoResident