November 16, 2009

The Links

Erin Ellington to start off the week...... A bizarre play spurs Redskins over Broncos..... Green Bay manages to keep their season alive..... Congratulations to the Carolina Hurricans for finally winning a game..... The Pac-10 has been the best college football conference this year..... Michelle Wie finally won something!..... Okay, the Bengals are legit..... '2012' did quite well at the box office.... Bruce Springsteen is an idiot..... Need a laugh?..... BCS continues to suck..... Don Nelson is taking the Warriors down a familiar road

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Reid came out yesterday in San Diego (Fire Andy Reid Now!)

How stupid was that Bill Belichick decision? (Boston Globe)

Raiders do the Chiefs and Todd Haley a favor (Jason Whitlock)

Two wrongs don't make a right. But three..... (Hardwood Paroxysm)

Time to panic yet in Denver? (Denver Post)

It would be silly for the NBA to retire 23 (Chicago Tribune)

Chris Johnson is the NFL's best running back (The Tennessean)

Belichick pays Peyton Manning a compliment (East Coast Bias)

Maurice Jones-Drew apologizes to fantasy owners for taking a knee (Shutdown Corner)

Where the Wild Oden roam (Deadspin)

Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams was caught flipping the bird yesterday (PFT)

Dan Marino caught cursing during the CBS half time show (Awful Announcing)

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