October 26, 2009

The Links

Amanda Seyfried to start the week ..... The BCS standings for this week..... Iowa is a serious National Championship contender...... Phillies are well-equipped to face Yankees..... Antoine Walker is the latest athlete to spend all of his money..... More trouble for Delonte West..... Larry Johnson isn't too happy about his situation in Kansas City..... Am I the only the person who doesn't like U2?...... Obama hasn't stopped campaigning..... Lamborghini for sale at a yard sale

Sean Salisbury has finally sued Deadspin (Frisco Enterprise)

Las Vegas bookies are taking a major hit by the crappy teams in the NFL (LV Review-Journal)

Mark Sanchez eats a hot dog on the sidelines during the Jets-Oakland game (The Sports Hernia)

The 49ers have a QB controversy when they really don't have a QB controversy (Niners Nation)

The Saints are having a special season (NOLA.com)

The Bears were both unprepared and pathetic against Cincinnati (Chicago Tribune)

Not much parity in the NFL this season (Wa Po)

Browns made mistake hiring Mangini (Ohio.com)

And for some reason, the other Cleveland team hires a manager that had no success in Washington (Cleveland.com)

Worst NBA-themed jacket ever? (Basketbawful)

Ron Artest plays Monopoly on the beach (Basketball Jones)

Anvil Launching looks quite awesome (With Leather)

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