October 26, 2009

1st Down- Week 7

1st Down is a recap of the NFL

27 Pittsburgh 17 Minnesota: Everyone had to know that eventually Brett Favre was going to make a mistake that would haunt his team. Against Pittsburgh, Favre made two mistakes. Favre fumbled which lead to a 77-yard touchdown. And then Favre threw a game-clinching interception which was returned for a 82-yard touchdown. We did get to see Adrian Peterson truck William Gay during the game.

24 Houston 21 San Francisco: At the beginning of this game, it looked like it was going to be another blowout. Houston was beating San Francisco 21-0 at halftime. After struggling in the first half, Niners QB Shaun Hill was pulled in favor of former 1st overall pick Alex Smith. Smith brought the Niners back by throwing three touchdowns to Vernon Davis. The 49ers had a chance at the end of the game to take the lead, but Alex Smith remembered he's still Alex Smith and threw an interception. Also Michael Crabtree made his debut in the game and caught five passes, which gives him more catches in one game than Darius Heywood-Bey has all season.

24 Arizona 17 New York Giants: This game wasn't about Kurt Warner and the Arizona offense as it was about the Arizona defense. The Cardinals defense forced four turnovers in the game, including intercepting Eli Manning three times. The Giants had a chance late in the game to tie the score, but Manning threw his third interception. Eli was even sacked three times in the game.

46 New Orleans 34 Miami: The Dolphins blew a 21-point lead to the Saints in this game. New Orleans scored 22-points in the 4th quarter to complete the Miami choke job. Ricky Williams had the quote of the week to signify the Miami choke job, via AP.

“This was our game to win,” Miami’s Ricky Williams said. “We fought and we fought. They just fought harder at the end.”

Go smoke another joint Ricky.

The rest of the NFL games this week were blowouts. So instead of doing more recaps, I will give some of the best pictures of this week.

For some reason Boxer Joe Calzaghe wore a Tampa Bay jersey during the England game.

Am I the only person who finds it odd that the Patriots play in England this week? Here's a team with an American soldier from the Revolutionary War on their helmet, that calls themselves the Patriots, and play in New England and they played in England.


  1. I don't know if that British girl is hot?

  2. You sure that the Bucs were the London Silly Nannies in disguise? Did we see this two years earlier in an episode of Family Guy?