October 2, 2009

The Links

Penny Mathis to finish off the week ..... Interesting interview with Bill Simmons..... John Sterling/Suzyn Waldman mix..... Nervous now Democrats?..... It's crowded at the bottom of the NFL..... Lady Gaga, Kayne West's tour killed by poor ticket sales?..... Schwarzenegger will not pardon Polanski..... Vince McMahon's hotel room demands

Oregon is begging for controversy if they bring back LeGarrette Blount (Oregonian)

Florio will invade the NBC studios this weekend during the Notre Dame game (PFT)

Very disturbing story about Ted Williams frozen body and head (NY Daily News)

Fox promotes the Favre Monday Night Game on their network (Awful Announcing)

Remember when Letterman made those sexual jokes about Palin's underage daughter? Well it looks like that joke wasn't far off (NY Times)

Kimbo Slice-Roy "Big Country" Nelson fight brought big ratings for Spike (Yahoo)

Basketbawful is back with the Livin' Large Epilogue (Basketbawful)

I hate to agree with Jay Mariotti, but do you really want the Olympics in Chicago? (Fanhouse)

Too many missed opportunities for Colorado last night (Buffzone)

The best of Gus Johnson at the NCAA tournament

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