October 2, 2009


I thought the Obama's and Oprah were going to throw their weight around and bring the Olympics to Chicago for 2016? How could the IOC say no to the pleas of O and O connection? Well they did and it wasn't even close.

Chicago was ousted in the very first round of the voting. So much for the O and O connection. So much for Michelle's "Sacrifice". I guess their corrupt Chicago buddies will have to change their 2016 plans now.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil is now the favorite to host the 2016 Olympics. I personally wanted Rio to host the Olympics even before the Obama clan flew to Copenhagen to throw their weight around. South American has never hosted an Olympics before. The United States has hosted six winter and summer Olympics. Give it to Brazil and Rio De Janeiro, they deserve it to.

: It's official, Rio de Janeiro will host the 2016 Olympics. I'm happy for both Brazil and South America as it will be the first Olympics hosted for both the country and the Continent. Also with this decision no one can blame the IOC for being corrupt because former IOC president and Spain native Juan Antonio Samaranch.

Chicago ousted in first round of Olympic voting; Tokyo also out (USA Today)


  1. um, the Obamas were asked by the Chicago people to help out. what were they supposed to do, say no to going?

  2. Yes! The US has never asked a President before to make a speech in front of the IOC. They made the US look desperate for that bid.