October 2, 2009

Here's Too LeBron Resigning With Cleveland

True Hoop pointed out today that the NY Daily News has a countdown clock on their website, counting down the days until LeBron James becomes a free agent. It's 271 days to be exact.

This is going to be a long season. Hell it's been a long two years counting down to when LeBron becomes a free agent. This story has been more overplayed than the Brett Favre to New York/Minnesota story.

So here's to LeBron sticking it to New York. Here's to LeBron resigning with Cleveland. Here's to the look of disappointment on New Yorker's faces when LeBron resigns with Cleveland. Do the right thing LeBron and stay with your hometown team. Then we the public won't be indited with 24-hour coverage of your every move in New York.

271 Days and Counting (True Hoop)

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