October 12, 2009

1st Down- Week 5

1st Down is a weekly NFL recap

20 Denver 17 New England in OT: Who says Kyle Orton isn't a good QB? He has lead the Broncos in back-to-back weekends to come from behind wins. This week Orton lead the Broncos 98-yards down the field late in the 4th quarter that set up a Brandon Marshall game-tieing touchdown. Denver won the toss in overtime and drove down the field that set up a Matt Prater game-winning 41-yard field goal. Bad day all around for Boston natives, as the Red Sox were swept out of the playoffs by Angels.

41 Seattle 0 Jacksonville: This game is only worth mentioning for two reasons. First Matt Hasselbeck is back with a vengeance. Hasselbeck threw four touchdowns against a non-existent Jacksonville secondary. The other reason to mention this game is the pre-game antics of Owen Schmitt. Schmitt hit himself in the head with his helmet, gashing his own head. He had to be stitched up before he could play.

17 Cincinnati 14 Baltimore: Carson Palmer lead the Bengals on another late game-winning touchdown drive, but that wasn't the story of the game. The story of this game was Cincinnati's defense and defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer. Zimmer's wife, Vikki, died on Thursday night before the game. Zimmer and his family traveled to Baltimore to attend the game. Zimmer's defense responded by only giving up 257 total yards and one offensive touchdown. Zimmer was given the game ball.

45 Atlanta 10 San Francisco: The 49ers came into this game cocky, and left humbled. The Falcons racked up 45 points and 477 total yards on offense. Quite frankly the 49ers needed to have their asses kicked. They came into the game cocky and arrogant and they needed to see how a real NFL team plays. Atlanta beat them in ever facet of the game. I'm sure head coach Mike Singletary will put his team through hell for the bye week leading up to their week 7 game at Houston.

6 Cleveland 3 Buffalo: Did this game really happen and no one told me about it? Look at that score. A Red Sox-Yankees game can produce more points than Cleveland and Buffalo. Both teams only had a combined 400 yards on offense and no touchdowns. A late field goal by Cleveland gave them the victory by default. It's not know yet if the Bills will fire head coach Dick Jauron yet.

20 Carolina 17 Washington: Oh, Washington. Are you really this bad that you let a winless Carolina team score the final 18 points in the game to beat you? This game was ugly all the way around. Jake Delhomme threw another interception in the game. Jason Campbell only threw for 145 yards. Neither team had more than 86 yards running the ball. And neither team had more than 16 first downs.

44 New York Giants 7 Oakland: I hate to agree with Mike & Mike in the Mourning, but JaMarcus Russell is so bad that the Raiders don't trust him to throw even when the team is down by a huge margin. Russell only attempted 13 passes in the entire game, even though the Raiders where down 31-7 at halftime. The Giants jumped out to such a huge lead, that they pulled Eli Manning before the 1st half even ended.

Video of the Week: This play by 49ers cornerback Dre Bly sums up the 49ers arrogance coming into the Atlanta game. I'm glad the Falcons poured it on them.

Picture of the Week: Cincinnati defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer hugs his daughter before Cincinnati's game versus Baltimore. Zimmer had lost his wife on the Thursday before the game.

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