October 12, 2009

The Links

Eliza Dushku to start the week..... The Niners embarrass themselves against Atlanta..... Denver was able to beat New England and stay undefeated..... JaMarcus Russell continues to suck..... Jonathon Papelbon blows save as the Red Sox are swept..... A third go-around for Gibbs in Washington?..... Jeremy Maclin and other Eagles emerge as offensive threats...... Cincinnati wins an emotional game in Baltimore

Biggest QB bust this decade (The Big Lead)

John Fox denies report that he expects to be fired (PFT)

SpongeBob inspires the Miami Hurricanes football (Miami Herald)

Vince McMahon is claiming the WWE is more "sophisticated of a product" than MMA (Bloodey Elbow)

Derek Anderson had a historically bad game yesterday, and the Browns still won (Inhistoric)

Mike Singletary was looking to fight one of the Atlanta Falcons yesterday (SF Chronicle)

Get ready for lot's of these columns: Baseball needs a Yankees-Dodgers world series (NY Times)

I can't get enough of these columns: Wade Phillips must go (Dallas Mourning News)

The Chiefs didn't have enough talent to beat Dallas (Jason Whitlock)

Shawn Kemp shops at Wal-Mart (Basketbawful)

Roundball Rock is a great way to start the week.

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