September 24, 2009

The Links

Jessica Burciaga to start the mourning..... Kids taught to praise Obama..... Michael Vick is ready to play.... Hasselbeck wants to play despite broken rib.... Nazi soccer team brothers, bury the hatchet..... Sad testimony from John Travolta..... Jude Law is a baby making machine..... Ammunition sales continue to spike..... Marcia and Jan Brady still don't like each other.... This was an actual test in a class room. This is the exact reason why a lot of people didn't want Obama to give that speech to our children at school.

Bobby Cox deserved another year to be the Braves manager (AJC)

Michael Cameron to the Cubs? (MLB Daily Dish)

I keep telling Mookie that Greg Knapp is an idiot (Field Gulls)

Hines Ward has no plans to comply with the rule named after him (PFT)

Does sex improve an athletes performance? (The Big Lead)

Reading this article makes me wish I could play for the New Jersey Nets (YahooSports)

The New Jersey Nets have just become of the most interesting franchises in all of sports (

Don't blame Tony Romo for just being an average quarterback (Austin Statesman)

Why Bruce Bochy refuses to play Buster Posey (McCovey Chronicles)

Kimbo Slice vs. Roy "Big Country" Nelson next week on TUF (Cageside Seats)

Kayne West has taken time out of his schedule of calling people racists and interrupting and belittling little girls to make basketball picks (Slam Online)

Linda McMahon's first political ad (HHR)


  1. Re the Obama Health care test: If you answer "no" to #10, you flunk the test.

    That is just flat-out ridiculous. Even if it's a test in a government class (if it's for any class other than that, that makes it 100 times more shameful), all the tests in my government class were completely non-partisan and while we were frequently asked what Democrats and Republicans thought about a piece of legislation, a whole test was never based off of one side's talking points.

    That test was clearly made by a far-left teacher who does not see it any other way than his/her own. And as a future educator myself, it is embarrassing to know that there are teachers like that out there.

  2. It's that shameful, JFein. It was given in a anatomy class. If I remember correctly, your heat and lungs have nothing to do with Health Care legislation.

  3. Keith, if you're listening to Rome right now, my pre-emptive answer to your question is "I have no freaking idea why I listen to Rizzo."

    /it's slightly better than those dudes from Phoenix on Tuesday

  4. @RJBO- Yep I'm listening to Rome today. And yeah these guys are slightly better than the guys from Arizona. I know you don't like them because they are from Cleveland.

    The worst guest host though is Grant Napear. Napear hosts a local show here in Sacramento and he is a fucking douche. No one likes him hear.

    /wishes Rome would get Stoney & Wojo to host the show.

  5. Rizzo's show is a standard guy talk and some sports show most stations have (The Sports Junkies called this 'the future of radio' 10 years ago). I don't hate Cleveland and all its inhabitants (it's not Columbus) and I do listen to WKNR (even though WDFN started local programming a few weeks back); It's insufferable douchecanoe & ESPN Radio fast-tracker Aaron Goldhammer I despise (Rizzo's nasally voiced sidekick), who painfully forces opinions counter to those of most listeners just to garner ratings.

  6. From what I have heard today RJBO, I'm not a fan. They are horrible and I do wish that Aaron guy would shut the fuck up.

    Call me crazy, but after listening to these guys I'd rather Rome go back to the old days when both Skip Bayless and Jim Lampley guest hosted. I actually liked Bayless guest hosting and I never thought Lampley was that bad.

  7. @RJBO, I see WDFN brought back local hosts. Why the hell didn't they bring back Stoney & Wojo? You couldn't pay me to hear anything Drew Sharp says.

  8. Stoney & Wojo get their money whether they're on air or not. They may come back in a year...maybe.