September 24, 2009

Must List: Week 4

Well we have entered the phase of college football where pretty much every team is done with conference play. Now we start the part of the season where some Saturday's don't have a single interesting matchup. It's probably one of the reasons why ESPN GameDay will be in Happy Valley for the Penn State-Iowa game. This will probably be a good chance to catch up on other projects on Saturday before you waste your Sunday watching the NFL. Anyways let's take a look at some of the interesting games in college football this week.

Here's the announcing/TV schedule for this week.

Thursday, Sept. 24th
Mississippi @ South Carolina (ESPN, 7:30PM)- The first real test for Ole Miss this year. If the Rebels really are as good as the experts have been saying, then Ole Miss should beat South Carolina and Steve Spurrier. This is the perfect trap game though for Ole Miss and coach Houston Nutt. They face off against a team that they are expected to beat with a coach(Spurrier) who usually makes fun of coaches like Nutt. This should be one of the only interesting games of the week.

Saturday, Sept. 26th
South Florida @ Florida State (ESPNU, Noon)- I have no idea why this game isn't on ESPN or ESPN 2 instead of the dud games that they are showing. You have a match up against the old school, established team in Florida State against the new school, looking to prove themselves in South Florida. This will be the first game South Florida will play without Matt Grothe who is out for the year with an knee injury. It will be interesting to see how South Florida responds without their leader.

Southern Miss @ Kansas (FSN, Noon)- If you want to see two teams that can score lots of points, then I suggest watching this game. Both teams can score and score and it should be like watching a real live Madden Game. Should be a fun game.

UNC @ Georgia Tech (Raycom, Noon)- Should be an interesting game in terms of the ACC. Tech is coming off of their embarrassing loss to Miami last season. Also UNC has been the team so far that hasn't got their respect yet on a national level. UNC has an unbelievable defense and they will be facing off against a great offense.

California @ Oregon (ABC, 3:30PM)- This is the type of game where Cal implodes. Cal goes to Oregon coming off a huge road win, while USC lost and the Bears moving up in the rankings. If Cal loses this game, I won't be surprised. They always seem to lose these type of games they shouldn't. I have no confidence in Cal for this game. So don't be surprised if Oregon wins this game.

Arkansas @ Alabama (CBS, 3:30PM)- This game will probably be the best game of the week. Arkansas can score with the best of teams, but their defense stinks. Also Alabama has one of the best offenses in the SEC. Plus you have the Gary Danielson and Uncle Vern factor in this game. Should at least be a good game for the Pammies.

Miami @ Virginia Tech (ABC, 3:30PM)- This game should be the game of the week for ESPN. But for whatever reason, it isn't. Miami is coming into the game as the surprise team of the year so far. Virginia Tech seems to have recovered from their crushing loss to Alabama in the first week. I'm interested to see how Miami quarterback Jacory Harris does against a great defense like Virginia Tech. Also will Tech be able to get a pass rush against a Miami team that has only allowed one sack this season.

Iowa @ Penn State (ABC, 8PM)- Like I said, this is the week I would skip watching college football. If Iowa and Penn State is the game of the week, then you know there isn't any interesting college football match ups this week. Penn State will look for redemption in this game. The Nittany Lions are looking for revenge against an Iowa team that ruined Penn State's season last year. Penn State was undefeated and were looking for a National Title shot before they were beat with a game-winning field goal by Iowa.

Beer of Choice, Hoptober/New Belgium- With Octoberfest around the corner, it's time of the year for the specialty beers. I love New Belgium brewery and every beer they produce. This year they have come out with a Octoberfest specialty beer called Hoptober. I'm looking forward to trying this beer this weekend.

Alternates for College Football:
1) Catch up on school work- I personally have to work on a project for my Business class.

2) Watch a movie- That horrible movie "Surrogates" starring Bruce Willis comes out on Friday. Maybe you can take the girlfriend.

3) Catch up on "Entourage"- With Sunday Night Football now airing, I've skipped a couple of episodes of Entourage. It's time to catch up on the episodes that I have missed.

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  1. I loved the days when you would bring New Belgium beer back home from your work. We can't get Fat Tire here on the East Coast and that's the one beer that I miss.