September 23, 2009

The Links

Eliza Dushku in Complex Magazine.... Aaron Corp and Matt Barkley are splitting snaps for USC..... Floyd Mayweather has to pay a lot of money in back taxes..... Two photographers are suing Brady and Giselle.... Mackenzie Phillips had a sexual relationship with her own father..... What has happened to Wayne Gretzky?..... The Detroit Lions have the worst defense, ever

The best seats turn out to be the worst seats at Dallas Stadium (No Guts, No Glory)

Dana White: "Floyd Mayweather feels threatened by MMA" (UFC Scoop)

The Kansas football and basketball teams don't like each other (Dr. Saturday)

Joe Buck Live part 2, was a little dull (The Big Lead)

Donald Trump has a new enemy, ESPN (Page 6)

Why people watch wrestling (Camel Clutch Blog)

The Giants pounded the last nail in their playoff coffin (McCovey Chronicles)

And if things couldn't get worse for NoCal. Now it looks like the Kings will never get a new arena and might finally move after this season (Sactown Royalty)

I want to attend Lamar Odom's bachelor party (TMZ)

Confirmed: Jerry Jones looks like a rat (The Sports Hernia)

How drunk is he? Canadian Football League fan climbs to top of goal posts, survives slide down (Busted Coverage)

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