September 21, 2009

The Links

Megan Fox as a cheerleader..... Milton Bradley is done as a Cub.... Good news about Matt Hasselbeck.... The Eagles learned some lessons about Kevin Kolb..... Doogie Howser did a great job last night hosting the Emmy's.... David Hasselhoff had to be rushed to the hospital for alcohol poisoning.... No the Government might bailout newspapers?

Former Bums pitcher Derren Dreifort is dating a radio skank (Sports by Brooks)

The Florida Gators have infected with Hog Flu. And no it has not yet affected St. Timmy (Orlando Sentinel)

So Terrell Owens wasn't the only problem for Tony Romo? (PFT)

The Jets have been accused of tampering with Michael Crabtree (NY Daily News)

Time to over panic about USC's loss to Washington Saturday (

What the losers are saying (SSReporters)

Mt. Milton Bradley has struck again (Bleed Cubbie Blue)

The Kansas City Chiefs coaching staff did an horrendous job against the Raiders (KC Star)

Tony Romo ruined Jerry's big night (Star-Telegram)

Here's a compilation of videos featuring Shaq being dunked on (Basketbawful)

According to Nancy Pelosi, these people are a bunch on Nazi's (The National Conversation)

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