September 8, 2009

The Links

The legs of Blake Lively start you off.... Interesting read about a death row inmate who may be innocent.... Another one goes under Obama's bus.... Here's the speech Obama is giving to students today.... Former teacher and First Lady Laura Bush supports Obama's school speech.... Good luck to all the commuter's today trying to get across the Bay Bridge.... Perez Hilton is at it again.... A California women is arrested after "passionately" kissing a 6-year-old boy.... A Soap actress was fired because of her religious beliefs

Tennis sweetheart Melanie Oudin has a 15-year-old boyfriend. That kid sees dollar signs already (Busted Raquet)

Choose your side in the great Merriman-Tequila war (Deadspin)

High school football coach takes players to be (Volintary) Baptized. So of course a mother and the ACLU as pissed (The Big Lead)

Bob Barker was awesome last night on Monday Night Raw (Cageside Seats)

Who knew the Miami-Florida St. game would be the most exciting game this weekend (Fanhouse)

A simple way to improve preseason football (Fifth Down)

The Cleveland Browns still haven't chosen their starting quarterback (

The McNabb-O-Meter is back in Philly (700 Levclel)

Lets just say that the Giants aren't happy with Milwaukee or Prince Fielder (Big League Stew)

Van Jones was just the latest to be thrown under Obama's bus.

Bob Barker was on Monday Night Raw last night.

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