September 8, 2009

Foul Ball: The Epic Fail Known as The Mets Season

To continue the epic fail known as the Mets season now comes word that their brand new ballpark is falling apart. Water damage has created mold in several luxury suits-including Jerry Seinfield's- concrete is falling apart, and there is faulty electrical wiring.

The damage in Seinfields's box was so severe that the Mets tore down walls during their latest road trip to find the water leak. And the Mets thought their season couldn't get worse. Also now I know why JFein and James Craven call it Shiti Field.

The Texas-Cleveland game was postponed.

3 St. Louis 0 Milwaukee: As much as I love Tim Lincecum, he doesn't deserve the Cy Young as much as Chris Carpenter does. Carpenter threw a one-hit shutout against the Brewers. Carpenter is now 16-3 on the season with a 2.16 ERA. The Cardinals are my favorites right now to win the World Series.

4 Houston 3 Philadelphia: I guess the Giants rubbed off on the Phillies last week, because Philadelphia was swept by Houston. The Phillies had more hits than the Astros in the game, but left eight men on base. Look at it this way though Phillies, at least Lidge didn't give up a game winner.

5 Chicago White Sox 1 Boston: Mark Buerhle has finally won a game. Buerhle won his first game since throwing a no-hitter in July. Josh Beckett, who hasn't won since the beginning of August, picked up another loss. The Boston hitters did leave eight men on base in the game.

9 San Francisco 4 San Diego: Brad Penny showed off his douche side in this game. After giving up a home run to Adrian Gonzalez, Penny starred down Gonzalez. Then after Penny got out of the inning, he pumped his fist and starred down the Padres dugout. If Penny wasn't on the Giants, I would hate this guy. Nah, I still hate this guy. Juan Uribe hit two home runs in the game for the Giants. The chants for an Uribe were back in San Francisco.

6 Minnesota 3 Toronto: Sideburns continued his MVP season with three hits and two RBI's. It's too bad the Twins pitching has let them down this season, because their lineup is outstanding. Blue Jays 2nd baseman Aaron Hill left in the middle of the game because his wife was giving birth.

Create a Caption: Good thing Toronto signed Vernon Well to that long term deal.

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