July 8, 2009

Baseball Update: Freak Baseball Injuries

The Baseball Update is a look at the happenings around Major League Baseball

Baseball players are known to hurt themselves in freakish ways. And for some reason these injuries only happen to baseball players. You never hear stories about football players, hockey players, or basketball players injuring themselves in bizarre ways.

Well we have another bizarre baseball injury. Ryan Dempster broke his big toe on his right foot after jumping over the dugout fence. He will be out of action for a month. Check out the picture to the right. The little kid is pointing and laughing at Dempster.

This isn't the first bizarre injury and it won't be the last. But for now, let's take a look at the bizarre baseball injuries of the past.

Roger Craig, San Francisco Giants: This one is my personal favorite. He once cut his hand on a bra strap. I'm sure that didn't affect his performance though.

Clint Barmas, Colorado Rockies: Broke his collar bone while caring dear meat up stairs. He was out for three months.

Terry Mulholland, Minnesota Twins: Scratched his right eye by rolling over a loose feather in a hotel pillow.

Mike Remlinger, Chicago Cubs: Broke his left little finger after getting his hand caught between two reclining chairs.

John Smoltz, Atlanta Braves: I want Smoltz pitching a game 7 for me. I would prefer though, he never iron a shirt again. Smoltz burned himself ironing a shirt-while he was wearing it.

Glenallen Hill, Toronto Blue Jays: I think we have all had a nightmare before. But have you ever been injured by your nightmare? Well Glenallen Hill has. While have a nightmare about being covered in spiders, Hill fell out of bed and right onto a glass table injuring himself.

Wade Boggs, Boston Red Sox: Good ole Wade once injured himself slipping on a pair of cowboy boots.

Sammy Sosa, Chicago Cubs: Sosa gave himself back spasms with a sneeze. Have ever sneezed so hard, that you through out your back?

Adam Eaton, San Diego Padres: Eaton accidentally stabbed himself in the stomach with a paring knife while trying to unwrap a DVD a few years ago.

Bret Barberie, Florida Marlins: He inadvertently rubbed chili juice in his eyes. He missed a game. But at least he married a hottie.

Steve Sparks, Milwaukee Brewers: He dislocated his shoulder while trying to tear a phone book in half. Leave that up to the Incredible Hulk, Steve.

Kevin Mitchell, San Francisco Giants: Mitchell had to have a root canal after biting into a microwaved donut.

Marty Cordova, Baltimore Orioles: All right we all know baseball players get a lot of sun. They play a majority of games out in the sun. So why does a player need to go to a tanning booth? Well apparently Cordova was burned so bad in a tanning booth, that he had to miss some games.

Jeff Kent, San Francisco Giants: Once broke his wrist. He said he was washing his pickup and slipped. Well that was a lie. He broke his wrist while preforming motorcycle tricks.

Mickey Tettleton, Detroit Tigers: Once missed some action for athlete's foot- because he tied his shoes too tight.

Ryan Klesko, Atlanta Braves: He pulled a muscle while picking up his lunch tray.

Rey Quinones, Seattle Mariners: He once couldn't pinch hit because he returned to the clubhouse to play Nintendo.

Ken Griffey, Jr., Seattle Mariners: Once pinched his testicle on his protective cup. Let's just move on.

Terry Harper, Atlanta Braves: Separated shoulder because he was waving home a teammate.

Rickey Henderson, Toronto Blue Jays: Missed a game because of frost bite-in August!

Vince Coleman, St. Louis Cardinals: Missed entire 1985 World Series after being rolled up into a tarp machine.

Nolan Ryan, Houston Astros: Not even hall of fame players are immune to freak injuries. Ryan injured his hand after a coyote bit him.

Mike Matheny, St. Louis Cardinals: Cut himself with a hunting knife that a teammate gave to him.

The list literally goes on and on. And half of these injuries you couldn't make up. So here's to the next freak baseball injury.

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