July 8, 2009

Foul Ball: Man-Ram Ejected, Natinals Going Natinals

Foul Ball is your daily baseball recap

8 Dodgers 0 Mets: The Mets were booed loudly, while Man-Ram was cheered. Manny drove in three runs in the game and then was promptly ejected in the fifth inning. The Mets have know gone scoreless in the last 22 innings.Injuries have decimated the Mets this season. And Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes are not even close to coming off the DL. After the game David Wright took a swipe at his team, even though he went hit less in the game himself.

David Wright Quote: "I just think we stink right now, we're just not very good," Wright said after the Mets' sickly 8-0 loss to the Dodgers. "When you don't pitch, you don't hit, you don't play defense, you're not going to win very many games. We're not playing very good baseball. ... I don't think anybody's having very much fun right now."

5 Rockies 4 Nationals: This game was bizarre to say the least. Alam Embree picked up the win for Colorado without even throwing a pitch. The Natinals committed three errors in the game. During the ninth inning Embree fooled Austin Kearns so badly with a pick off move, Kearns fell down on the base path. Needless to say, Kearns has been immortalized with Yakety Sax.

3 Rays 1 Blue Jays in 11: Toronto tied the game in the eighth inning on a Scott Rolen single. Then in the bottom of the eleventh, Pat Burrell hit a game-winning two-run home run. With the Blue Jays continuing to fall in the AL East standings, they have put Roy Halladay on the trade block.

3 Giants 0 Marlins: Vote for Pablo! Barry Zito went 8 1/3 innings giving up four hits, no runs, and six strikeouts.

8 Tigers 5 Royals: Justin Verlander only pitched in six innings, but he struck out 11 batters in those innings. The high-wire act Fernando Rodney did his best to scare Tigers fans to death. Rodney gave up an walk and a hit, before finally saving the game. Three different Tigers players hit home runs in the game. The Tigers did commit two errors in the game.

4 Reds 3 Phillies: After receiving a beat down on Monday, the Reds rallied to beat the Phillies on Tuesday. Brandon Phillips homered twice in the game and Ramon Hernandez singled in the game-winning run in the ninth inning. Brad Lidge blew his sixth save of the season in the game. Forget starting pitching, the Phillies need some bullpen help.

Good News Department: E! will have another episode in their series "True Hollywood Stories." And it will feature baseball player wives. And Jorge Posada and Cole Hamels' wives will be featured.

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