July 8, 2009

Jerry Lawler Running For Memphis Mayor

The King of Memphis might become the Mayor of Memphis. Former wrestler and current WWE RAW wrestling commentator Jerry "The King" Lawler said that he will run for the Memphis mayor in a special election.

Lawler has had a prominent role in wrestling in Memphis. Lawler ran a promotion in Memphis. He's much more known on the national stage because of his commentating duties with the WWE. And I would argue that Lawler paired with Jim Ross on RAW, was one of the best combinations in all of sports. They are right up there with Summerall/Madden.

Lawler once ran for the mayoral job of Memphis back in 1999. He only gained 12% of the vote and lost the election. There was concern back then, whether or not Lawlers job with the WWE would keep him away from his mayoral job. Lawler hasn't stated yet, whether or not he will quit his WWE job if he is elected.

I am hoping Lawler doesn't quit RAW. He's one of the best talker's in wrestling and is always enjoyable to listen to. And right now he is the only redeeming quality on RAW. Especially since the WWE broke him and JR up. And as you can tell by the video below, Lawler is the King at talking which will serve him well for the election.

And as you can tell, Lawler is quite the ladies man. PUPPIES!

I have to say after watching this video, Jim Ross is probably my favorite announcer of all-time. It doesn't matter which sport. Long live Good Ole JR and Jerry the King Lawler.

Wrestler Jerry Lawler running for Memphis mayor (Commercial-Appeal)


  1. Damn JC, I thought that was a different picture.

  2. *really bad JR impression* BAH GAWD! I CA'T BELEIEVE HE DD THAT!!!