June 19, 2009

I Guess She is Riding High Now!

I guess she is riding high now. Hey-oh! In all seriousness former mountain bike champion Melissa Giove won't be riding a bike, unicycle, or pickup for a long time.

"The Missile" was arrested in upstate New York in her pickup truck with 200 pounds of marijuana in her truck. When the police went to her house there was another 200 pounds of weed, a million dollars in the closet, and a machine to count money, you have probably seen this machine in the movie 'Scarface'.

Here's the best part of the story though.

In court Thursday, public defender Tim Austin said the drugs and money were planted in Giove's truck, possibly by police.
That's great! 400 pounds of drugs and million dollars were planted by the police. Like they have a huge stash of Panama Red and cash just lying around. I don't think so. And why would the try and frame her? Because she is an ex-mountain bike champ? I don't think so. She is a mountain bike competitor. Of course she is smoking the herb. I would say about 80% of the extreme athletes kick back with a bowl. I wouldn't expect anything else.

What ever happens to this lady, as you can see with these pictures of her, she looks like a classy lady.

Ex-champ Giove hit with drug charges (ESPN)

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