June 19, 2009

Top Baseball Parks in America

Forbes magazine has came out with another list and ranked the best baseball parks in America. And I do think you will be surprised to see what ballpark is number one.

15. Comerica Park, Detroit
14. Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati
13. Coors Field, Colorado
12. PETCO Park, San Diego
11. Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia
10. Busch Stadium, St. Louis
9. Miller Park, Milwaukee
8. Bailout Park, er Citi Field, New York
7. Yankee Stadium, New York
6. Safeco Field, Seattle
5. Camden Yards, Baltimore
4. Wrigley Field, Chicago
3. PNC Park, Pittsburgh
2. Fenway Park, Boston
1. AT&T Park, San Francisco

I have to say that I am surprised Forbes ranked these stadiums this way. They actually didn't rank Yankee Stadium high, just because it's in New York. And I am surprised that either Wrigley or Fenway weren't number one.

I am biased of course and think AT&T Park should be the number one choice. But people have to realize why it should be the number one choice. The Giants played in a dump at Candlestick Park. Candlestick was a dump when they built that place in the early 60's. The Giants were lucky enough to get out of there by 2000. The 49ers are still plodding away in that stadium and have been looking to get out of there for a very long time.

That's the reason why I would rank Citizens Bank Park higher on the list. The Phillies also played in a dump at the Vet. Now the Phillies and Giants play in two of the best parks in the nation. Teams that get out of a dump are higher on my list. But I applaud Forbes for not going with the standard choice.


  1. Haha.... Yankee Stadium is below Fenway.

  2. I'm a bit surprised too that Citizens Bank Park is not on that list. Especially considering the fact that Miller Park is higher up. Then again, the only parks I've been to other than the now-demolished Vet is Citizens Bank Park and Camden Yards, so my opinion does not mean much at all. But still, I never got a good vibe from Miller Park and I'm surprised it's higher than Citizens Bank Park, which is a very beautiful park.