March 28, 2014

MLB Predictions

The Colonel and I like to make predictions. Why? Because they're goofy and fun to look at once the season ends and see how bad or good those predictions were. As always these predictions are what we think will happen this season and not who wins what division or award. Save those predictions for the old codgers who cover baseball for major publications. Without further ado, here's our terrible 2014 MLB predictions.

Yasiel Puig gets Don Mattingly Fired: Mattingly is already grumbling over Puig's baserunning mistakes and "injuries". This isn't going to end well for Mattingly. They're owned by a person who got a coach fired. You think Magic is going to side with Mattingly over Puig if these grumblings continue into the season? I'd say a whiff of a bad start and Mattingly is gone.

Ron Washington Will Also Get Fired This Season: Between his feet in the sand comments on sabermetrics and questionable decisions during games, Washington always seems like he's on the cusp of getting canned. I think this is the year he finally gets canned. With the Angels getting healthier, the Mariners improving, the A's staying good the AL West is only getting tougher. Slow start and he's gone.

Jacoby Ellsbury Will Be The Most Despised Yankee Since Carl Pavano: Yankee fans hated Pavano because of his injury problems and other issues. Ellsbury I believe will replace Pavano as the next most despised Yankee. Between being an ex-Red Sox, to his own injury problems (he's already had to take time off for an injury), and the contract he signed this is going to be a disaster for Ellsbury. He might as well a "He Hate Me" jersey to games.

The Indians Will Be The Biggest Regressor This Season: I hate how many rotation players they lost, I hate that they added nothing to their starting lineup, I hate their bullpen, I hate how many 1-game victories they had last season. This team, even more than the Pirates, I think are going to regress badly. Even in that weak division.

The Tigers Will Trade Max Scherzer: He's a soon-to-be free agent and rejected the Tigers contract extension offer. The Tigers called him greedy. Either the Tigers will try again to sign Scherzer to an extension or they'll trade him before the deadline to get some value for him. Something there gives and I doubt they'll simply let him leave via free agency.

The NL East Will Be a Tire Fire: The Marlins and Phillies are disasters. The Mets are fighting for relevance. The Braves should be okay. The Nationals are getting a lot of hype. Still though this division looks terrible with the champion winning only 88-90 games.

The A's Will Still Not Have a Decision Made About San Jose: But the Blue Ribbon panel will eventually get to a decision...........

The Giants Will Sign Pablo Sandoval To an Extension Before the Season Ends: Giants fans are freaking out because Sandoval hasn't signed an extension yet. My bet is they want to see if he'll stay healthy, stay in shape, and what kind of season he'll have. My guess is they'll sign him to an extension by the end of the season. It might be the last week, but it'll happen.

David Ortiz Will Finally Look Like an Old Man This Season: This guy has to age at some point right? I know he's a DH and his body gets saved from the positional abuse but come the freak on. He has to start aging at some point where his Slg %, OBP, AVG, and ISO have to come back down right?

MLB Will Announce Joe Torre as the New Commissioner This Year: Sneaky story this year is that Selig is due to retire after the season. In case you haven't noticed, baseball doesn't exactly have that young executive waiting in the wings like basketball did with Adam Silver. With Torre acting as Selig's 2nd hand man, it wouldn't surprise me at all if the short sighted baseball owners name Torre the commissioner. Because Torre is exactly what the league needs, another old man in charge.

The Colonel
Kirk Gibson Gets Clipped This Year: They're going to be mediocre, their owner and GM are hotheads, Gibson is taking the fall. I actually feel bad for the guy because Towers traded away all the talented players for grit.

The Diamondbacks Will Be A Part of Two Bench Clearing Brawls: Towers eye-for-an-eye comment will be taken literally and the Diamondbacks will be a part of a couple of brawls. One of them will definitely be against the Dodgers and my guess the other will be with the Giants.

You're Going to Start Hearing Grumblings Over the CBA From the Players Side: Between minor league players getting less that stellar compensation, to players like Stephen Drew being squeezed out of the game because signing him would cost a team a draft pick, you're going to start seeing the players fighting back.

The Blue Jays Will Eventually Trade Jose Bautista or Edwin Encarnacion: Where is this team headed? After last year's blockbuster trades they did nothing this year. Nothing to improve their lineup or rotation. Will this team even win 75 games this year? I have them pegged as another disaster leading to AA trading Bautista or Encarnacion for some pitching depth.

The Cardinals Will Run Away with the NL Central: I think they're just going to blow away this division. The Reds lineup is getting older. Milwaukee will need a lot to go right with their lineup. The Pirates could be good or they good regress badly. The Cubs are rebuilding. St. Louis will win this division in a walk.

The Padres Will Continue Being Irrelevant: Man is their a team that is more irrelevant than the Padres? At least the Mariners try to drum up interest by signing Cano and they have Felix Hernandez to draw attention to. The Padres have nothing. Hell even their best player, Chase Headley, is someone most people don't know about.

Bryon Buxton Will Make His Debut for the Twins This Season: With so many players like Trout and Harper making the jump so early to the big leagues, the Twins will call up Buxton. In that division where everything could be open and if the Twins are playing better than expected then I really think they will rush Buxton to the majors.

The Derek Jeter Retirement Tour Will be Unbearablee: I have no words to describe how awful and unbearable his retirement tour will be.

Bud Selig Will Convert the NL To a DH League Before He Retires: It's going to happen. (I know I've said this for a couple of years now)


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